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TSoS Gaming Night

 The Sea of Storms is proud to present The Sea of Storms Gaming Night!  Its an all-out brawl where everyone is welcome (even if you only saw this because you were looking for the WOT Concordance or XECrypt HTS mission 6 solution).

Some of you may know that the server we run on is privately owned but being co-located in a commercial rack, meaning we have an insane pipe, actually 3 OC48s, to provide bandwidth and so we have installed an UT2004 Dedicated Server on our little Linux system.

So, currently scheduled for Friday, June 4th, 2010 everyone is welcome to join.  We have a slew of people from the east coast to the west coast and pretty much everyone will be jumping on as they get home from work.  At first it will be players versus bots in assault maps, but if we get a large number of people attending then we can mix it up tear it up.

You can get UT2004 from steam for about 10 bucks.

Server address is tsosmud.org, just punch it in the Join Multiplayer section.

UPDATE: Gaming night was a success, those who participated had fun and some people from outside the mud popped in throughout the night.  Overall it was a fun break from the grind and roleplay and will likely be hosted again in the future so if you're interested pick up a copy of UT2004 and stay tuned to find out when the next one happens.

Also the mumble server running on tsosmud.org has been updated to 1.2.2 and is now compatible with the current version of mumble.