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Recent Site Changes

Most of you have probably noticed a few changes with the site (most notably the login and who's playing widgets to the left).  Among the immense list of changes has been a complete recoding of all database interactions and form requests with cusom modules that are more flexible and powerful than those I was using by the WebLegs team.  As a result the site is no longer powered by any WebLegs code.

In addition to the widgets there is also a new section to the character links in the navigation that people who remember the old site will remember.  Character bios.  The new system allows your character image to be uploaded to the server from your hard drive (no more having to host your own image somewhere and put the link into it).

If you need a character bio or image removed you'll have to contact an Immortal to do it for you.  However you can edit your own information at any time, this includes updating your image.

Enjoy the changes, if you run across any errors let me know.