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Guilds Galore

 Crafty folks will note that there've been a few deletions on the list of guilds/clans/whathaveyou. We decided it was time to do a little pre-winter cleaning, at least in terms of groups, not members. Here are some of the changes:

  • Noble houses Saighan and Damodred are out for the time being. They still exist, of course, but let's focus for a while on House Riatin if you want to get in on some nobility action.
  • The Cairhien guild is still there in case folks would like to try their hand at being city guardsmen.
  • The Mercenaries of Fortune guild is out! After talking with the de facto leader, Ruthan, we decided that it would be best for the Mercs to say farewell for the time being. That doesn't mean we're opposed to having a mercenaries guild, just that this one has had its run. It's time for someone else to come along and give their spin to the idea.

As always, the names listed on the list when one types the guilds/clans command is sort of a mix of contact people/IC leaders. Thus, you'll note that Jeshin and Luthien are listed for some of the guilds. Basically, if you want into those guilds then you can get a hold of them and they can get you started on the right track. 

All this also means that there is room on the guilds list for new ideas! If you'd like to form a group, put your thoughts together, check out the guildstart help file, and talk to Luthien. Worried you'll be filling it with people who aren't necessarily qualified in terms of skills and abilities? No need to fret, the staff can help strong ideas get off on the right foot with some SkillSet Characters.

That's it for today, happy MUDding!