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Recent Crashes

Some people recently may have been affected by crashes.  The crashes were being caused by a player continuously attempting to edit their glance description and make it very colorful.  While I don't oppose colorful glance descriptions, I was rather upset that this person continously kept doing it and I had to log the description command to just find out who was causing it so I could figure out why it was happening.

If you can crash the mud repeatedly then common sense would say don't keep doing that and talk to an Imp or Coder (duh).  If neither is on at the time then fill out a Contact page and submit it (Link at the top) with a detailed description of what you did and then stop doing it!

Anyway, it has been resolved, there is now enough space for at least 1 color code per character and if you exceed that then instead of crashing the mud will yell at you.

-Vandread (Don't crash my mud!)

PS. The flash based mud client has been updated to version 0.92