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A Foregate

 Greetings and salutations! Here's another update for folks. A bit of a push over the last few weeks has managed to knock an item off the top of the building queue. A big thanks to Zakery, Inara, and Vandread for helping me over the last little bit to finish up work on the Foregate area. 

This area is one that has had a lot of people work on it over the years, and has been a long time in coming. It has gone through three or four overhauls in that time as new people took it over and redid things to try and get it to match their vision for what the area should be. It has finally made its way into a state that is reasonable enough for us to put it in. A couple things of note:
  • The area is more or less shaped like a reverse C, so as to partially encircle the city of Cairhien, with the gap being the area around the docks.
  • There are a few quests in the new area, including a fairly lengthy (compared to existing ones) new weaponskill quest. If you're a dagger person and want to get your hands on Flurry of Blades, then be sure to visit the Foregate.
  • The Foregate connects to Cairhien at 4 points, including the 3 gates that previously just ended in nothing.
  • There are a lot of hidden things and little tiny secrets in the Foregate.
  • The area is still also a work in progress. We opted to install it now rather than wait on the last couple things that we want to eventually do with the area. That includes both adding the illuminator's chapter house (with some associated questing), as well as an arena (with questing), and a couple other little quests here and there that will take you throughout the city. Look for those to be added in the future as we continue to improve the area.
For now, please feel free to wander the Foregate and enjoy the area. If you notice things that don't look right, or typos, etc. then please let Luthien know, and he'll fix them up and reward you. Once we are confident we have a final map of the area that we like, we'll put one up on the website (there are some older versions that can be found, but I don't think they are 100% accurate to the new design).

Thanks everyone, have a great weekend!

TSoS Staff