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Summer is Back!

It's that time of the year again. Normally, coming into the summer, Jeshin reappears, there are more events, new player drives, and a push for a more active community. As with all things here at TSoS, it's about the fun of role-playing and having some interesting characters. With that being said, here's the game plan for the upcoming months:

  • Events: if you see Kareel or Inara or Jeshin, then ask for an event right then if they have time, but remember to keep on the lookout for ones scheduled in advance.
  • Forums will get a new barrage of posts and question.
  • Storyline updated.
  • New player drives! Help new folks develop character concepts, get involved in role-play, etc.
  • New areas? We just might have something around the corner…
What can you do to help? It's pretty simple, spread the word to potential (or former) players you know. In addition, please click the vote link (twice a day) and, as always, check the forums and start new threads or even respond to threads that interest you. Activity brings activity, and we want to make sure everyone has a good time with a healthy player-base when summer time comes.


TSoS Staff