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Submitted By: Tessia
All Characters Involved: Tessi, Nico and some Alyn

Submitted Log

A Small Classroom
The room is perhaps fifteen paces by twenty. A large piece of slate hangs on one wall in a plain wooden frame. A handful of chairs and a small table are the only furniture besides shelves on all of the walls stacked with books and scrolls of parchment. A multitude of white candles are mounted upon wall sconces, reflecting light off the white tile floor and the pale stone walls. A heavy wooden door is set in the eastern wall of the room, with a yellow straw matt placed in front of it. Some spare wells of ink and a bundle of quills rests on the small table beside a stack of blank parchment waiting to be used.

She sat patiently, her hands both slightly red and raw from kitchen duties. Wondrously for the first time since her coming to the tower she is the first novice in the room. She takes the seat closest to the front and quickly removes quill parchment and notes from the silk pouch she has set next to her on the ground. As a few other novices filter in she reviews note from her previous lessons. Her lips moved with the words on the page and from time to time she closed her eyes as if searching for other information from within. [Tessia]

The last girl scurries into the room, though the Aes Sedai conducting the class is still absent. After a few minutes, the room is abuzz with the chatter of girls commiserating with each other, giggles bubbling up in portions of the room. Finally, the door opens, and the girls fall silent as a tall Aes Sedai enters, the set of her shoulders and tilt of her jaw seeming to tell the other girls to quiet themselves in her presence. Despite the air of command she seems to exude, a pleasant smile is on her face as she regards all of the Novices gathered within, quickly making her way to the front of the room and sitting, settling in and smoothing the front of her skirt as she glances around the classroom. After a few moments of inspection, she clears her throat, [Nico]

'Excuse me for being late, I was just informed I would be taking over this class for the Aes Sedai that was scheduled to lead. I am to understand that we will be discussing the five flows today, along with how to weave them together. Before we get started, is there anything that anybody has been taught so far that they are not clear on?' she inquires, her eyes searching each girls face. [Nico]

Nico Sedai's Gaidin strides into the room at her heels, he is a small man, just an inch or two over five feet, with a patched over right eye. His left eye pierces the Novices like a dagger though as his gaze sweeps over the room. It doesn't stop with the Novices, it drifts upwards to the ceiling, and back out into the hall before he kicks the door closed with a tap of his right foot. His color shifting cloak is slightly disorienting to look upon, and when it sways one might notice that he is armed to the teeth. He flanks the Aes Sedai, and leans almost lazily against the wall to her side. [Alyn]

As the Gaidin strode his way through the door she purposefully looked at the blue sister and spared not a single glance for the warder. She sat up a bit more straight and seemed relieved at the smile that graced the face of that day?s instructor. Looking down again she rearranged her parchment and quill and folded her hands into her lap. She listened carefully as a few novices responded the Aes Sedai with questions regarding grasping the source and other previous lessons and took detailed notes on the answers. [Tessia]

Answering each Novice at a time, she makes quick work of satisfying their curiosity, the room again falling silent as she looks on all of them. Drawing in a deep breath, she lets it out with a sigh before smiling wider, 'Well, I believe we are all ready to move on now. So we will start with the five flows.' she stands up, moving over to where the framed slate hangs on the wall, taking up a piece of chalk and turning back to the class, 'Can anyone tell me what the five flows are?' she again asks, still smiling as she looks over the girls. [Nico]

Alyn slides past Nico Sedai, walking silently behind her and back towards the door. He pauses there, cocking his head to the side in a birdlike manner, listening to the sound of Novices and Accepted gossiping in the halls outside the classroom for a momment. A crooked grin touches the edges of his mouth at something he hears before he grows disinterested in whatever talk he has overheard, and moves back to his former position beside the Aes Sedai. He looks about the room, studying each of the Novices in turn, his gaze never seeming to linger overly long on any one area.[Alyn]

Many hands go up at her question, the smile stretching a bit at the reception as she casts a glance towards her warder, her attention focused back on the Novices as she nods towards Tessia, 'What is your name, Novice? And then the five flows.' she says, seeming to be genuinely curious, as well as genuinely interested, in what the girl has to say. [Nico]

The Gaidin shares a small smile with his bonded, then also seems curious as to the answers to the question the Aes Sedai has asked. He glances around the room, examining the other Novices with hands up, then his gaze snaps back to the girl that was adressed in time to watch her face as she speaks. [someone]

She hesitated, albeit briefly before responding, ?Nico Sedai my name is Tessia? she paused and smiled a thankful smile at sister, ?and the five flows are air, water, spirit, earth?.? She hesitated after the first four and said the five in a audible but quite a bit reduced volume, ?fire?. Looking at a few novices as if to gauge there reaction she seem relieved and waited to learn from the teaching blue sister. [Tessia]

Her face unchanging as she watches the girl, awaiting her answer, she nods once as she answers, the smile brightening, 'Excellent, Novice Tessia.' she turns, the rasp of the chalk on the slate echoing through the nearly silent room as she wrote each word in elegant letters at the top of the board, underlining each. Glancing over her shoulder, she looks over the girls before turning back, 'Each can be identified by sight. Some of you may have already begun to notice that a certain flow or group of flows an Aes Sedai has weaved together had color. However, don't rely entirely upon sight, as you will also find that you can sense the difference in each.' she says, turning back to the blackboard and circling Air and Water, and then Fire and Earth before facing the Novices once more. [Nico]

As Nico Sedai described the ways to sense and identify flows she took furious notes, almost as if fencing the paper. Looking up from the paper to make sure she was not missing anything visual she wrote detail after detail as well as speculation off the to the side. As she finished she realized that only her and one other had still been writing. She appeared unsure as if to be proud or embarrassed of that fact. [Tessia]

Looking over the girls as they write, some only seem to be keeping casual notes, others seeming to outright doodle on their page rather than pay attention. How she feels about this isn't apparent by how she looks, but as she notes those writing, she smiles, waiting until all their attention is upon her before she begins again, 'As you will notice, I've circled only four of the five flows.' she states, again looking each girl in the eye, gauging their attentiveness before addressing the whole class, 'It has been said that women have more of an affinity for Air and Water,' she gestures to those two, 'while men can better handle Fire and Earth.' she says, pointing to those as well before setting down the chalk and dusting her hands off, [Nico]

Alyn Gaidin seems to decide that there in no immenant threat within the classroom, and takes a text book from the shelf nearby. He cracks the book, seemingly to a random page and his good eye begins to scan the page. Over a period of a few moments he turns three or four pages; periodically glancing about the room and at the door before turning his attention back to the text. [someone]

'Now, the reasons for this is speculation, but it is believed that it is because of the gentle nature of air and water, and the fierce nature of fire and earth. However, it is foolish to believe that entirely, for anyone caught in a windstorm or a flood can attest to the destructive nature they possess.' [Nico]

She continued her duel of parchment and quill replicating the diagram on the chalkboard and writing notes next to each power.... however as she finished she raised her hand slowly into the air. [Tessia]

Folding her hands in front of her, she begins moving around the class, seeming to look over each girl, as well as what she has on her paper. Again, whatever she seems to think or feel about what she sees is kept to herself, and turning, she spies the Novice's raised hand, nodding to the girl with another smile, 'Yes, Novice Tessia?' she asks, pausing where she is and turning her full attention to the girl. [Nico]

She spoke quietly ?Nico Sedai, what if a woman is not born strong in water or air but has strength in one of the other two? Does that make her less potent or effect her status as an Aes Sedai?? As she asked the question she was obviously hoping for an answer of a particular kind. Her knuckles whitened slightly as she grasped the tabletop before her. [Tessia]

The Gaidin glances up briefly as the Novice asks her question, then returns his attention to the book after letting his eye roam across the rest of the classroom. [someone]

Nico's smile grows a bit at the question, and she nods to her, 'That's a good question, Novice Tessia. Women tend more towards Air and Water, but there are many who are actually stronger with Fire or Earth than the others. I, myself, am strong foremost with Air, but nearly as strong with Fire, as well. And rather than make you less potent, or somehow diminish your status as Aes Sedai, consider it a boon, because so many of the others tend to use Air and Water. In addition, anyone, male or female, can be strong in Spirit.' she pauses, turning and letting her eyes move over the girls, 'Also remember, that each person is strong in one or two of the flows. It is rare for someone to be strong with three, and even more so with four. Nobody, since the Age of Legends, has been strong in all five flows.'

She smiled proudly at the words of the Aes Sedai and began taking notes with renewed vigor. She wrote line after line and this time she was by far the last person to stop writing. [Tessia]

As the girls write, she strolls among them, glancing over their notes as much as regarding the girls themselves. As she passes her Gaidin, her smile grows a bit, giving him an almost imperceptible nod before moving back to the front of the room. Having a seat, she waits until the last of the scratching of quill over paper ceases, some of the more restless girls being silenced as the Aes Sedai's eyes turn their way. Once Tessia has finished, she again smiles to the rest of the class, 'Now, each flow can be handled by seperate strands, the strands are then formed together by the Aes Sedai to create a weave. There are quite a few weaves that require only a single flow, but just as many, if not more, use multiple.' [Nico]

The Gaidin's eye follows Nico Sedai as she moves through the room, the book positioned in front of him posied as if reading. [someone]

She continued to write and then listened to a question or two from other novices before writing again. She sets down her quill and waits patiently, eyeing her instructors flaming red hair with interest.[Tessia]

Crossing her legs, she settles back in her chair as she watches the girls, 'Now, I am of the belief that there isn't much to teaching a girl how to weave other than the knowledge of the flows and what weaving itself is. After that, it's practical experience that is the true teacher. So, if there aren't any other questions, I will demonstrate, and in the process perhaps teach all of you one of the training weaves you will be learning in a future class.' she says, turning again and looking over each girl. [Nico]

All across the room chairs could be heard scraping and each and every novice sat up taller and more straight and began to pay perfect attention. Tessia herself was nearly rising out of her chair. She held her quill tightly but had forgotten about it completely, it was all she could do to keep herself from opening and grasping Saidar. [Tessia]

The effect of her words brings a broader smile to her face, almost a grin if it weren't for the way she keeps her lips pressed together. Between one breath and the next, the nimbus of Saidar blossoms around her, the smile on her face almost radiant as she looks among the Novices, 'I will demonstrate this first without any of you grasping. If there are any who learn it within the first few times of me weaving it, please raise your hand. Otherwise, it would be wise to make sure there aren't loose papers to be blown around.' she says, the smile pulling more at one corner of her mouth with those words. Waiting until the Novices had followed her instructions, she channels a few tiny strands of Air, weaving them together before letting them loose. A gentle breeze wafts through the room at this point, ruffling papers and flowing through hair, and a moment later, she carefully replicates what she'd just done, another breeze kicking up. [Nico]

As a few novices giggled or held down papers to there desk she simply watched the Aes Sedai closely and took notes on the effect. She could feel...something although she knew it was air she tried to remember exactly how it felt. After taking detailed notes she returned her attention forward. [Tessia]

Nico chuckles with the girls as the air gets moved around the room, the smile wide on her face, 'Ok, now you may put your things away and then I would like you all to grasp saidar. I wanted you first to get a feel for what I was doing, but now I would like you all to pay close attention to how I do it.' her eyes moving around the room as the girls hurriedly do as she says.

She set her quill down carefully and waited for a few of the other novices to grasp the source before joining in herself. As the first trinkle of saidar poured into her everything became more clear and vibrant. Unlike a few of the girls she was able to refrain from sighing. She looked at the blue sister and smiled seeing her surrounded by the glow of saidar. [Tessia]

Nodding, more to herself than anyone in the class, as each girl grasps, she waits until they all have the glow around them before sitting up a bit, 'Concentrate on how much I channel, and then how it is all woven together. I will weave this a few times until at least three of you have learned it. Again, please raise your hand once you feel you understand what I'm doing.' she says, waiting until all is quiet once more before channeling and weaving the same flows, repeating herself and pausing after each time, looking over the class and watching the girl's faces. [Nico]

She concentrated carefully on the flows the Aes Sedai was weaving. As she did she carefully attempted to gauge the amount of saidar being used. After writing one sentence down she slowly raised her hand and smiled toward Nico Sedai. [Tessia]

Once there are a few hands raised, she stops, the smile on her face as she nods to each girl, 'Excellent. I'm going to break you up into groups now, and each of you that have your hands raised will then demonstrate it to your group.' she says, rising and moving among the Novices now and hand-picking each group of girls. Tessia's group includes two other girls, one a blonde Taraboner, the other a dark haired girl who appeared to be quite shy. Getting them settled in different parts of the room so as not to distract each other, she again moves around the room, supervising each and coming to the aid of any who need it. [Nico]

She was obviously both a bit awkward and embarrassed at being the center of attention for her small group. She let saidar flow through her for long moments before attempting the weave...and failing, her flows falling useless and disappearing. However on her second attempt she was able to weave the weave and send a light breeze towards the two young women. [Tessia]

Pausing in her rounds, she stops in the middle of the room, turning to each group as she talks, 'Once each girl in your group has learned what you are doing, I would like the leader to raise their hands. If you learn quick enough, I may be inclined to teach you something else.' she says, the smile on her face again pulling crookedly as she looks among the girls, again sparing a glance for Alyn before turning back to the task at hand. [Nico]

Hearing the Aes Sedai's words she redoubled her efforts, she coaxed, pleaded and weave the weaved a handful of times repeatedly trying quite hard to make sure her group was the most adept. She paid no attention to the novices around her, but she could feel them weaving, trying to weave and felt all of them holding the source [Tessia]

She watched the flows with the other girls and immediatly before she felt she had the flow correctly someone else raised their hand, and then lowered it. Taking action quickly during the moment of indecision she shot up her hand as confident as possible and hoped she was chosen. [Tessia]

In the process of motioning to the first girl, she stops as the Novice second-guesses herself, turning to Tessia as she raises her hand and gesturing towards her, 'It would appear that Novice Tessia has it first. Please demonstrate it for me once, then I'll move on to the rest of the room.' she says with a smile, seemingly aware of both groups weaving behind her, the leader of both raising their hands. [Nico]

Happily she stood and concentrated, it was obvious from a glance that she had every intention of weaving it the first time. She waited nearly ten seconds before beginning to weave. Where she had see the blue sister weave deftly albeit slowly for them to watch she wove Air and Water determined and nearly plodding. However the weave was correct her first attempt and the air in the room became noticeably cooler.[Tessia]

Nico watches the girl, seeming to almost look through her as she concentrates on her handling of the flows. As she weaves it correctly the first time, she nods, smiling at the Novice, 'Great! Now to make sure the others in your group learn it!' she says before turning and making her rounds in the room once more, the room becoming chillier as she teaches the others. [Nico]

Tessia helped those around her with cool air, and then went back to breeze with the young lady from tarabon that had been able to weave the cooling of air but was having trouble with breeze. When she finally was able to weave it she smiled just as wide as the young lady. In the excitement she realized that nearly all the young ladies around her were smiling and happy.

Moving amongst the groups, the temperature of the room drops noticeably, wisps of breath issuing out of everyone as they breathe, though the Aes Sedai doesn't seem to notice the change. Rather, she stops them once they all seem to have learned, standing in the middle of the groups again, 'All of you are doing very well! It's probably quite uncomfortable to you, so I will teach you now how to warm the air. This time, I'll trust that whoever learns first will take the initiative to start teaching the rest, without my guidance.' she says, turning to each group and eyeing each girl before channeling small flows of Air and Fire and weaving them together. The air begins to warm noticably the more she does this, waiting until each group has a girl channeling the weave for themselves before again making her rounds. [Nico]

Because of her strength in fire she learned this weave even quicker then the others, however knowing women well she was careful to not begin weaving or teaching this weave until two of the other young women began to make their rounds. She wove hesitantly at first recalling old memories but soon was weaving this flow much more deftly then the others. [Tessia]

Nico strolls around the room, her hands clasped behind her back as she watches each group's progress, nodding to herself as they teach each other. Once they're all channeling it, she makes her way to the middle of the room, holding up a hand until they've all gotten her attention. Once they're eyes are on her, she lowers her hand, this time channeling a few thin strands of water, weaving them together and letting it loose, a drop of moisture collecting in the air and dropping to the ground. She does this a few times, the ground in front of her slightly damp from her demonstrations.

Paying careful attention she was certain she would be able to weave the simple flow of water, however after failing nearly half a dozen times she looked around the room. Most of the novices were having no problem with the weave, she watched for some quite some time and tried twice more before finally weaving the flow of dripping water. [Tessia]

Again she makes her rounds, taking her time in visiting each group, ensuring they're more than acquainted with this particular weave before moving again to the middle of the room. Waiting until their attention is again on her, she this time channels a few strands of Fire, weaving them together and loosing them, the ground heating up as a result. Again, she replicates her work, waiting until each group has a girl doing it before making her rounds. [Nico]

A full smile actually greased her face as she saw flows of pure fire. She watched carefully and wove the weave immediately after the demonstrating blue sister. She seem to be beginning to take pride in her strength in fire, after all her instructor had the same the look on her face seemed to say. She wove this weave most deftly of all, heating patches of ground of varying sizes careful to avoid the feet of others. [Tessia]

Smiling pleasantly at each girl as she makes her rounds, there is very little talk in the room, though despite that the excitement is palpable, the girls' smiles matching her own. Again, once they've learned this, she stops in the middle of the room, putting her hands on her hips as she regards the girls, 'Well, I'd say we're moving along quite nicely. However, to teach the last two, we'll need to move outside, so if you would all follow me.' she says, beckoning to them, her Gaidin moving away from his place against the wall and following as well, looking as vigilant as ever. [Nico]

With the other novices she rose from her seat and prepared to follow the Aes Sedai and her warder outside the tower. Looking around at the other novices not a single one could hide the joy and amazement that came with todays lesson [Tessia]

Quietly strolling through the hallways and turning out onto the stairs, she steers them down, Alyn close on her heels. Making her way outside, she leads them along a path that leads into the trees, silently making her way until they reach a suitable spot. Stopping, she turns towards them, her Gaidin scanning the area dutifully before moving over to lean against a tree. Clearing her throat, she looks each girl in the face, again smiling, 'If you would like to split back up into your groups to practice this, we can perhaps get through these last two a bit quicker.' she says before channeling a few small strands of Water, a bit more substantial than what she'd woven before that had produced the drops of water. Weaving it, she looses it, and before her a small crack in the ground opens, a puddle of water leaking out onto the ground. Again, she replicates this a few times, each time producing a small puddle nearby, and once the girls have caught on and are copying her work, she moves among them [Nico]

Again this weave proved extremely difficult. After trying twice she regulated herself to watching the others many times before beginning again herself. She seemed disappointed in knowing she was not going to be strong in water. Finally once again one of the last few in the class to do so she began to successfully weave the flow and cause puddles to appear. [Tessia]

Nico stops in the midst of the girls now, looking upon all of them and smiling, her hands again on her hips, 'Excellent work, Novices! Now for the last. For this, I will need a volunteer, as I'm not able to weave this on my own, though I understand the way to manipulate the flows well enough.' she says, looking amongst the girls and waiting for someone to step forward.

After the trouble with water she seemed to want to prove something to herself and stepped forward immediately. She opened her mouth to speak but at the last second snapped it shut remembering she had not been addressed or asked a direct question. She merely smiled at the Aes Sedai. [Tessia]

Turning towards Tessia as she steps forward, she gives the girl a nod, 'Thank you, Novice Tessia.' she says simply, turning towards all the girls and addressing them, 'Unfortunately I don't have the time to teach you on what I'm about to do, but trust me in that you'll be learning about this soon enough.' she says, turning again towards Tessia. Within a moment, the halo's of Saidar surrounding each woman connect and meld into one, Nico waiting until the other girl has adjusted before continuing with the lesson. [Nico]

As she felt control of saidar pass to the Aes Sedai she felt... diferent, connected somehow to the instructor from the blue ajah and part of a whole. [Tessia]

Upon linking with the Novice, she becomes aware of the girls feelings, the ever present smile on her face growing as she regards Tessia. Bending, she picks up a small rock, the thing fitting in the palm of her hand. Channeling a few small strands of earth, she weaves them together, loosing it on the stone in her hand. A popping sound is heard audibly, the stone developing a small split at the same time as the sound, the crack almost tiny, perhaps due to her relative strength and skill with that flow. Holding the stone out to Tessia, she dissolves the link, their respective auras seperating and moving back to encompass only themselves. [Nico]

Taking the stone she trys to duplicate the weave and fails. Trying time and time again it takes her longer then either of the water weaves. Obviously she is frustrated as she had hoped it was only water she would be this weak in. [Tessia]

A few of the other Novices seemed to have picked up this weave fairly quick, most of the girls gathered around them and watching their progress. Supervising them, she peeks in on their progress before stepping back, glancing at her warder and offering him a smile before turning back to the girls. After a few more minutes of practice, the afternoon bell sounds, the girls becoming restless as they glance at the Aes Sedai. Stepping towards them, she holds up a hand for silence, waiting until their eyes are on her, 'It appears we're out of time for this lesson, so I ask that you release saidar and pick up your things from the classroom before you get to the rest of your work. If any of you have questions about what I've covered, you are welcome to come find me, or if you have the time I can answer them now.' she says, looking amongst the girls before nodding and waving them away, 'You're dismissed.' [Nico]

She joined in with many of the young girls she thanked the Aes Sedai for by far and away there most active and enjoyable lesson. Many of the young novices appeared flushed and it was obvious that it would be tough for them all to not practice the weaves they had learned the second they stepped out the door. Tessia gathered her parchment and her quill and placed them in her pouch. Striding to the door she did not have to try to not look at the gaidin she had simply forgotten he was there, caught up in the tempest of the lesson. Exiting into the hall with a bounce in her step she headed toward the novice quarters [Tessia]