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Submitted By: Wellen
All Characters Involved: Wellen, Keinjo, Jaim, Kalinere, Galvin, Elric

Submitted Log

The morning sun streams over the land its soft yellow light filtered through hazy clouds. The land waves up at it in a gently sway with the strong winds coming from the north. The sound of wild life is gone from this area with the number of men nearby. The smell of scorched wood hangs faintly in the area so faint in fact that one might argue that it is merely the rotting wood from the morning dew.

A large column of mounted men move south across the rolling hills. At the head of the column rides a moderately short man on a huge steel gray warhorse. His armor is gilded heavily and the un-gilded portions are silvery and reflective. A large yellow plume adorns the bell shaped helmet on his head and strapped to his back is a short flagpole bearing a silver choral leaf on a field checked gold and crimson. He rides skillfully, and periodically glances down the column where banners of minor lords and their con poke up above the slanted lances held by the cavalrymen. [Galvin]

Ten wagons move forward slowly, six of them dragging along large ballistae. The wheels spin and make little sound, well oiled as they are. Within the back of these specific wagons are the appropriate ammo laid across. Keinjo yawns quietly as he keeps an arm around Wellen and Elric's necks, and giving them warm caring squeezes. "Outdoors. Fresh leaves, forest, the sky. You would think I'd never seen it before. The smell of sweat, ugly Cairhienan, and my best buddies in the world. Someone's missing though..." He blinks before pushing them both forward and turning around to peer into the empty field behind them. All of the mercenaries of fortune line up in rows of ten behind Galvin's own force. Each one seemingly more interested in their surroundings. "I'm pretty sure someone is missing..." [Keinjo]

His own arm wrapped around Keinjo's neck, "Who's missing, swordsman?" Wellen questions arrogantly yawning. "I don't think he ever apologized to me, it was rather rude to point a sword at my throat like that" Wellen makes little sounds that resemble the word 'pout'. Looking out to the river, "Why would pirates work on a river? The ocean sounds much cooler, epic battles, plenty of maneuverability, fun fun fun!"

Elric frowns at the squeezing, glancing over at the man seated next to him. He does not speak, instead following the man's gaze, an eyebrow raised. "Who are you looking for?" he says softly.

Walking a pace or so in front of the three mercenaries, Jaim slows for a moment, looking back at Keinjo and Wellen when they speak. "I'm sure the pirates are very concerned with epic battles and a cool location." He said a bit sarcastically. Then he resumes his old pace, using his staff as a walking stick. [Jaim]

Galvin glances towards the train of wagons and begins shifting towards them. Three of the arms men break off from the column and follow him as he makes his way back through the column. When he nears the back of the train, he spots Keinjo and his fellow. Swinging from the saddle Galvin is careful not to hang his con up in the saddle girths as he approaches the men on foot, leading his horse. He bows slightly to Keinjo and his fellows and then removes his helmet; standing on his toes, he balances it on the saddle horn before turning them. "Greetings Master Evolous, and other good masters" [Galvin]

"I'm not sure. Some how I imagined this great army of really small people with big beards and axes to be accompanying us..." He twists the ring around his finger thoughtfully before grinning and wrinkling his nose. "No matter... What? Brother! How could you exclaim such nonsense?" He looks over to Jaim and runs up to him, attempting to take him by the collar and shake him. "Of course! Epic battles! Tubular locations! Spectacular combat! Important! VERY IMPORTANT!" He roars with passion into the trees before pouting and sighing. He looks down at the ground and mutters before kicking at a branch. "Ah well, no matter..." He says quietly to himself before slowly turning to face Galvin. "Oh, wow, there's someone underneath all that tin! Oh! It is him! Should we hide? No, wait... Ah right!" He bows towards Galvin and grins at him lazily, "What's the haps, Lord Pops?" [Keinjo]

"Nonono, the cool battles are the fun part, you don't hear stories of idiots running around in the rivers, books are written about sea pirates, do these people have no goals in life?" Wellen protests Jaim's comment. Being dragged along with Keinjo rather than losing his grip around the man's neck, Wellen manages to get to his feet and relinquishes his grasp. "Very important" he adds, nodding along with Keinjo's words. "Lord Pops, Nice to meet you, I'm Master Calm" Wellen greets the noble.

Elric bows his head slightly to Galvin, speaking softly. "Master Baram. A pleasure, Lord Pops." He has a frown on his face as he straightens up. "Pardon me for asking, but... Lord Pops is a really odd name. From where do you hail?" he says in all seriousness, tilting his head to the side in a questioning manner.

"I learned my lesson. Epic naval battles are very important." Jaim muttered under his breath. Then, as they stopped to greet the noble, he turned and walked over to join them. He offered Galvin a quick bow. As he straightened, he said to Elric, "I doubt 'Lord Pops' is actually his name. Just some joke on their part." [Jaim]

"His name isn't Lord Pops. Pop's name is Psycho Gone. Psy's Gone? I can't remember. It was something gone. They're a great bunch, Lord Psycho." He continues to grin before looking on towards the river's direction. "Very good! GOOD!" Keinjo slams his hand into Jaim's back open handedly, "Excellent, Brother. I can tell you've matured in the last two seconds." He slams his hand against his back again before putting his hand into pockets and begins to whistle. The tree lines begin to pass by and the trees themselves becoming thick all around them. Keinjo burps once before starting to speak. "Lord Saighan, I had some scouts move ahead before we came here ourselves and managed to obtain some Intel. However, as a noble, I believe you also have your own intelligence specialist and I'd like to hear his part." [Keinjo]

Galvin smiles mirthfully at their jokes and nods to each man in turn, as they bow to him. "Lord Galvin Aremeur, of House Saighan" he says formally. He then laughs and falls in beside the other men. "Well met Good Masters, anxious about the coming action? He grins and walks in silence for a while, his con bobbing comically above his head, at eye level with the taller men. "You first Master Evolous, let me hear what you found out." [Galvin]

"Good boy" Wellen thumbs up Jaim, "Now then, that ain't fair, you have to trade evenly, at least call your intelligence specialist out here to talk" Wellen protests. Yawning loudly, "I'm getting back on the wagon, tell me when the things start happen" Wellen turns and hops back on, moving into the back and into the fetal position.

Frowning at Jaim's explanation, and again at Keinjo's explanation. His ears perk at Keinjo's mention of... intelligence specialists, turning his attention to the Lord as they walk. He hears the Lord's introduction and nods politely, waiting for the man to continue, the disappointment showing on his face when Galvin insists on hearing Keinjo's first. He simply looks back and forth at those speaking, and walks on in silence, eyeing the wagon himself for a few moments. [Elric]

"Of course I have, Keinjo." Jaim nodded, though his agreement sounded forced. "Not particularly anxious about the coming action. Judging from the reactions, most of us seem to be bored of waiting instead." He observed a bit dryly. Then he fell silent, glancing between Keinjo and Galvin and waiting curiously for them to share their information. [Jaim]

"My intelligence specialist will be here in a minute. I'd rather we have them meet up so we can discuss this more appropriately, Lord Saighan. They can fill in any gaps." He answers honestly before raising his right hand to bring together those in the back with himself. "Boredom is an appropriate set of feelings for what is to come. We have a great deal of numbers and plenty of assistance in this case." He tells Jaim, before placing a kinder hand on his shoulder. "So do not feel too concerned. We will be well." He tells him with a slow nod. "Perhaps you miss the blight but not every mission can be so exciting." He raises his voice loudly now, "Master Keinjo, ensure that the engines are in working order." He glances back at the noble again before approaching him and giving him a slight nod as well. "Relax. Your apprehension can be felt by everybody. What is on your mind?" [Keinjo]

"Nothing, nothing at all master Evolous. I've personally never seen the wolf before, and neither have the majority of my men. Some have, but most have not. You could say I?m a tad anxious of the unknown" With that he smile sand nods towards Keinjo saying, "True enough, our men are more than enough to deal with any bloody river brigands" [Galvin]

"Wake me up before it starts, don't take all the cool action parts for yourselves" Wellen calls from the wagon, lying normally now. "I need to get the proper amount of battle time today or I won't sleep properly," he adds with a wave, turning over on his side, crawling over to the back of the wagons to look at the siege engines.

Sighing loudly, Elric wraps himself tightly in his cloak and jumps onto the back of the same wagon as Wellen, sitting on the edge as he watches the men marching and listening to the talking. He glances over his shoulder at Wellen and nods in the man's direction. [Elric]

"I don't need that much excitement, Master Keinjo. The last time I went into the Blight, I was nearly killed by trollocs, chased by dark hounds, and damaged my favorite bloody staff." Jaim said to Keinjo, more concerned about the staff than anything else did. "But at least it went better than it did when we went to Malkier." [Jaim]

Frowning slightly at Elric, he places a hand against the man's shoulder again. "Listen. None of this is being forced on you, Brother. If you would like to return home, that is acceptable." He reassures him before glancing over at Jaim. "Ho, there. Get our men to start spreading out into a single row and have a column on either side of Lord Saighan's army. Keep crossbows at ready and let them know to keep an eye on the tree line. We don't need any surprises. While we hole the flank, I am sure these Cairhienan know how to hold the front. Return once this is done." He orders him before looking at Saighan. "I have a few pelts for you if you'd like. Silver wolf. Can't remember where I got them but I am sure they'd make good leather." He tells him quietly, places a hand onto the back of his head, and grins brilliantly. "Malkier. Fortune gave me stories. He said it was quite fun. No loot though. Poor man, he likes his loot." [Keinjo]

Galvin shakes his head and peers over at the column, He glances towards one of the guardsmen who came with him and was hanging back and says sharply "Ensaar, get back to the column and inform them of Master Evolous' maneuvers, order the men to spread out a bit, and prepare for anything." With that the man, Ensaar, salutes and then takes off at a gallop towards the head of the Cairhienan column. Galvin then turns towards Keinjo and asks simply "What is it like in the Blight?" [Galvin]

"The treasure is important! Oh to get the one shiny armor piece off the enemy leader, wonderful, possibly even a weapon if it's beautiful enough" Wellen calls from the back of the wagon. "This one's fine, I'll take a look at the others" Wellen adds after examining the ballista carefully., hopping off the back of the wagon to head for the ballista, going to each one to ensure they were all working properly.

Gazing thoughtfully at the sky for a moment, his body being jostled by the wagon, Elric seems to ponder Keinjo's offer. After a moment, he shakes his head and speaks. "No. I will stay and see this through. I need to... be involved more, methinks. I thank you for the considerment, though." He looks at Galvin for a moment before speaking. "It is... not nice. Not nice at all." he says simply, moving aside to let Wellen pass as the man moves to the engines to inspect them. [Elric]

"Two columns, crossbows at the ready. Right." Jaim muttered. He looked to Elric and asked, "Help me see to it that everyone gets informed? It'll give you something to occupy your time." He asked, then regardless of the answer took off towards the army, walking ahead at a quick. He holds his staff still at his side this time. [Jaim]

"The people there are unfriendly to be sure. No offers of tea, crumpets, or anything. They all seem to come over with a love sickness though. Every single one of them thinks we're adorable. Too adorable. Cute enough to eat even. All of them wanting to get in little nibbles. Only with mouths as big as that." He wrinkles his nose again before waving off at Elric. "If you want to get involved, Watcher, you are doing it all wrong. Need to ask 'What can I do?' and not 'What am I doing?' or 'How can I avoid doing anything?' That last one is my personal favorite question though. Sadly, Keinjo beats me to it every time. Isn't that right brother?" He asks Wellen before turning to Galvin and offers him a light nod. "It is not a place to go to relax. The land is dead and the world is frozen. Even worse, the trees all want to give you hugs... maybe I'm wrong... they're way too friendly." He shudders. In the mean time, a stone-faced man makes his way into the back and comes to a stop near Keinjo. "We are almost there, brother." [Keinjo]

Galvin listens with a wry smile on his face as Keinjo gives his monologueous rendition of his travels in the Blight. He starts as the stone-faced fellow approaches and gives his message and he sketches a slight bow towards the group. "I should head back to my men, good day Master Evolous." With that, he smoothly mounts his horse and wheels it back towards the head of the Cairhienan column, galloping to catch up. [Galvin]

"The rest check out, nap time" Wellen speaks, "Evening axe carrier, care to carry my axes for me?" Wellen speaks offering his axes to the man. "No? Okay then, you fail at this job, you should really get reassigned to something that suits you, not-axe carrier person" Wellen moves back into the wagon to lie down, yawning loudly again.

Elric seems to watch the column's maneuvers with much interest, before looking over to Keinjo, a question on his face. "Are you expecting trouble soon, then?" he asks softly, his eyes wandering about the tree lines. "If so, I should probably prepare myself. My clothing is not quite suited for what we might be doing." As he speaks, he pulls a backpack from somewhere, opening the clasps that keep it sealed. Moving aside to let Wellen back onto the wagon, he looks briefly at the man before looking down the Column. "I will go help Jaim, as he seems to insist on it."

As he neared the army, Jaim picked up his pace. "Hey! I got orders for the lot of you!" He called to the mercenaries. He waited a moment, making sure, they heard him, and then he called just as loudly, "Form two columns, one on either side of the Cairhienan army. And get your crossbows out and keep your eyes open." [Jaim]

Ral blinks at Wellen before grunting visibly and placing a hand against the bridge of his nose. "Must we keep his company?" Ral asks quietly. His hand rests gently on his sword while watching Wellen. Keinjo shrugs his shoulder before flicking the man in the forehead. "Relax. I don't think Lord Saighan is interested in what you have to say, brother dearest." He mutters sounding quite a bit hurt. "I thought he was my friend. Keinjo let us move forward. Everybody driving one of these rutting wagons make sure to have the ballistae set up and ready when we set up camp." He orders them before moving forward with Ral and hopefully Wellen. Coming up to the end of the line, Keinjo blinks before scratching the back of his head. "Brother, quite frankly, you suck at this." [Keinjo]

Galvin makes his way to the front of his own column and falls in near the other commanders of the Cairhienan arms men. He stays near the banner carriers as they array into a more defensive formation, ready for an attack that may or may not come. Galvin pulls a small looking glass from his belt pouch and then scans the land ahead, looking for anything out of the ordinary. [Galvin]

One figure slowly dropped behind from the foremost ranks, the pace of its horse and rider on top of it eventually nearing the position Lord Saighan was riding. "Lord." Kalinere respectfully greeted the noble as her horse momentarily took its place besides him. "The road ahead seems peaceful, although there are a few locations that might be dangerous for an ambush - mostly so once we come closer to the forest." [Kalinere]

Relaxing in the back of the wagon, Wellen calls, "Oi, you guys, move it forward already" he speaks before standing up again. Hopping to the front of the wagon, "Let?s see, people good at setting up the ballistae, you and you!" Wellen hops off the front, grabbing two mercenaries, "Help me set up the ballistae when we make camp, mmkay?"

Seemingly preoccupied with his task, Elric sets about pulling various items out of his backpack, whistling a tune as he does. It is a slow tune, haunting, low key. It seems to fit the nature of the items he is pulling out of the backpack. Dark items, black, matte. A vest of leather, a pair of vambraces, studded leggings, gloves, steel-toed boots. He sets this all aside on the bed of the wagon and reseals his backpack, also setting this aside and out of the way. He armors himself quickly, changing shoes and removing his cloak, setting it near his backpack. Frowning a moment, he picks it up again and removes some knives from it, the shining metal disappearing about his person as he sets the cloak back down again. He looks briefly at Wellen, and shrugs. Jumping off the wagon, he moves off in the direction of the mercenary army, his pace quick but steady, still whistling. [Elric]

"You did well, Watcher." He informs Jaim before speaking, "Stand tall men, we are preparing to engage with the enemy. We will be preparing. Family units one through four arrange your positions to the far south of the Saighan Contingent Novitiate Proslytes. Five through Eight stand counter tall, crossbows set for strike and strife. Eyes held amongst the lines, keep strong and walk hard. There are many things that creep the shadows, let it be in fear that they creep! We are us! Close range unto their troupe?s front to back, slowly drive forward the wagons." Keinjo tells them before looking over and around before nodding once at Ral. Ral returns the nod and they begin to move forward. "Our time to prepare is severely limited, Lord Keinjo." Keinjo nods slightly before looking around at the direction of the river bend. "I know but it is enough time. If only these flatfoots travelled a wee bit faster..." He says thoughtfully. [Keinjo]

Galvin nods and says quietly "You did good Mistress Kalinere, we shall meet this bastards yet." With that, he raises his voice and bellows back over the column of men. "Form line of Battle, Advance at a walk, Remember men, you fight for your families, for your Lords, and for your nation." As he mentions lords and nation, he gestures to either side where banner men carry the Diamond of house Saighan and the rising sun of Cairhien. [Galvin]

Kalinere hunched a bit forward over her horse, her hand amicably patting the side of the neck of the prideful animal. "They might be closer than we think." she replies, her voice a bit softer either to appeal to the animal or to not be overheard. "The road, it seems? well, it felt too quiet. As if every farmer in the region knew we were passing by, and did not want to be any place near us." She sits up straighter, a lighthearted smile molding her lips as she glances backwards over her shoulder to the army behind. "Although I do hope I am wrong." [Kalinere]

"Alright, you two sit in the wagon with me for now, we get a nice cozy ride until we stop" Wellen speaks cheerfully, bringing the mercenaries with him. "We'll get this thing done nice and quick and then we'll nap" he rubs his hands together, hopping into the wagon.

Elric frowns for the third time as he jogs amongst the men, looking for Jaim and not seeing him abouts. Seeing that all of the Fortune soldiers seemed to have gotten the message, Elric shrugs and turns about, jogging back up the columns until he spots Keinjo. He spots Jaim, too, and a fourth frown appears. His face is smooth again by the time he catches up to everyone, shrugging his shoulders. "Well, that was a nice jog. Got my blood pumping. Now what?" he says softly, his ears perking at the shouting ahead. He peers at Lord Galvin on his horse, his head tilted slightly. Before long, his attention is drawn elsewhere, his eyes flickering.

"Now we wait for the fighting to start. It shouldn't be long now, Elric." Jaim reassured the man, though he sounded a bit impatient as well. Turning to Keinjo, he asked, "So how much are we getting paid for this job, brother? I hope you made sure to squeeze plenty of money out of that lord for this job." [Jaim]

"Not sure, they talk big but they don't get much done. We're waiting for them to hurry their pale faced arses up, Brother." He says with a bit of irritating and scratches back of his head. "We just need to reach the flaming blood and bloody blighted river. These men act like they've never walked before." He tells them before gazing at his own mismatched un-uniformed men. A few of them carry the banners of Fortune, a half red and half blue flags with swords pointing in either direction. Hearing Jaim's words, a large grim breaks across his face and he gazes at the wagons. "Plenty. Especially for the work we'll be doing. You'll get your fair share, don't you worry." [Keinjo]

Galvin steers his horse closer to Kalinere's and rests a gauntleted hand on her shoulder. "Everything will be fine Mistress Kalinere, we're here to root out pirates after all, no pitched battles." He purses his lips in thought as he finishes and removing his hand moves his horse away again. [Galvin]

Kalinere's eyes remained on the army behind her for a fair amount of time, eventually straightening herself on her saddle and looking ahead again, her eyes shifting over the road ahead. "Perhaps, my Lord, but these men survived as long as they did out here with a reason. It would be a waste to underestimate these pirates and lose many valued lives." She shrugs lightly. [Kalinere]

After an hour of a steady march, the armies see the edge of the mighty river. The ground near the river is muddy for several yards. However, before the mud, the grass is lush and green and the forest ends easily a hundred yards or more from the river edge. The water flows mightily toward the ocean and tear to the south.

"Alright, ready to get the ballista's set up, which way are they supposed to come from?" Wellen calls to Keinjo, "I dislike this area; they'll see us coming from a mile away." He mutters something under his breath, "There goes a wonderful ambush, and hopefully we'll catch them surprised with these."

Elric looks at Wellen for a moment, his head tilted again in that odd manner, and shrugs. The wind blowing from the north ruffles the hem of his hood, the silver thread shimmering in the morning sunlight. He checks himself as he walks, making sure his daggers are not stuck in their sheaths and that his armor is properly fastened. Satisfied, he looks up to the sky for a moment, a sigh escaping from his lips. A moment passes, and he starts to whistle once more as his gaze falls back down to earth, on the men spread out before him. The tune is lively and light, reminiscent of fun times in a tavern.

"We could've used an ambush. Men on foot trying to assault pirate ships doesn't seem like a fair fight. That could've evened the odds." Jaim nodded to Wellen. He struck the damaged end of his staff the ground, testing to see if it was still sound. After several strikes, he was satisfied and looked around. "What's the plan now?" [Jaim]

"The position is regrettable but it seems the one they have decided on Keinjo." He tells the man before planting his hands on his hips. "Don't worry about that, we're the Mercenaries of Fortune, Lady Luck guides our blades and Chaos rules our fate." He offers a wink, "And it so happens that both of them owe me a bit of coin and favor." He walks off towards the side and gestures for the ballistae to be placed in the outer perimeter. He turns to Elric and offers him a firm nod, "Begin spreading them out, make some distance between the bank. Try to set our men up around the front of our wagons, have them set up pavise shields. I intend to speak with Lord Saighan about his plans. Come with me." He tells them all before gesturing Ral come as well and begins to wade through the other military searching for him. [Keinjo]

Galvin swings down from his mount and stretches his legs for a moment. Many of the Cairhienan officers and minor lords approach him and they stand in a small circle discussing something for a while. Galvin seems to mostly be listening but periodically says something to the group. He seems intent, and a little nervous about everything that is going on. [Galvin]

"Alright, you heard the man, set the ballista's up" Wellen claps to the two mercenaries he grabbed from earlier. Grabbing a pavise shield from the wagon he hops out of the wagon to chase after Keinjo for the meeting. "Really though, this place, it's flat ground, they'll have the high ground, lady luck may owe you a favor but common sense is definitely not knocking on your door right now" he comments as he catches up to the man.

Elric simply nods and moves, stopping at each wagon and speaking softly, his hands moving as he directs them to the proper positions. His instructions are brief and to the point, and the wagons are soon moving, with the proper spacing between them before they stop and unhitch the engines, moving out of the way. Still moving, Elric grabs groups of mercs and directs them to set up their pavices in front of the siege engines, not specifying who should go where but knowing it will get done in the proper manner. After he is sure everything is moving, he makes his way over to Keinjo and nods at the man.

After pausing to look at the ballistae for a moment, Jaim follows Keinjo. When he sees Wellen, he asks, "So you plan to sink the ships with those oversized weapons of yours?" A bit sarcastically, he added, "Why do you need the rest of us, then? You could sink any ship we come across without our needing to draw a blade." [Jaim]

"Lord Saighan I have need for your ear." He offers the man a faint bow with his men coming up not too long after. "My advisors and I had what I'd like to call a discussion. Mostly where I talk to myself and they don't know about and I ask them something unrelated and they nod their heads so I feel satisfied." He tells him in a rather stern voice before gesturing out at the water. "I'd like for your men to near the shore in three rows, the front bearing shields and the back bearing shields towards the sky, swords drawn on both fronts while the furthest back keeps crossbows at ready. You have superior numbers but we have superior firepower. Your men's job will be to ensure none of the pirates can leap off the boats. If they do so, your men can wipe them out. My own men will be attempting to rip them apart. This will be later of course; I believe we have about an hour to set up our preparations. I want you to stand in a leadership position, away from the front lines. The risk between rocks and potential hailstorm of arrows and bolts, you could be an accidental loss. Have you any disagreements?" [Keinjo]

Galvin listens intently for a while nodding as Keinjo lays out his battle plan. He looks amongst the lords and officers gathered around them and as they nod he turns back towards Keinjo and nods his head. "It will be done as you say Master Keinjo." With that he turns back to the cluster of nobles and an officers and says simply "You heard the man, get moving'." [Galvin]

As she passes by the bulk of the supply horses from the mercenary army, Kalinere guides her horse in their general direction before patting it on the neck. "You stay here and rest a while, okay?" she fondly says to the animal as her fingers brush over the rough hairs. A few moments later, she pulls a canteen from her saddlebag, turns away with a confident step, and heads towards Jaim. "My my, aren't you that person with the hawk?" she calls out with a smug grin before she brings the canteen to her lips. [Kalinere]

"Right right, everything ready?" Wellen starts walking back to the ballistae. "We'll have this done right yet" Wellen speaks cheerfully, before moving to examine the ballista's again for any problems.

Elric frowns at Jaim's question. "Surely, you would think that pirates could swim, yes? I do not know how accurate these weapons are," he says, waving a hand at the nearest engine, "but I am not sure that they could purposefully hit a man swimming to shore." he finishes in his soft voice. He draws one of his daggers before continuing, a finger sliding across the flat of the blade. "We might need to clean up the sodden rats that make it to land, methinks...,? he whispers lightly, his eyes flickering about. As he catches up with Keinjo and stops, he puts the dagger away, looking over his shoulder at Kalinere briefly before looking ahead again.

"I was being sarcastic." Jaim muttered distractedly. Then he turned too turned to see who had called out, looking at Kalinere and frowning for a moment before he walked over towards her. "At first I had trouble placing you. Now I remember. You were with the army at Malkier, weren't you?" [Jaim]

From the south a pair of triangle sail and a large square rigging can be seems. The ships are side enough to hold cargo from the looks of them yet they travel light along the water clearly not loaded down. One of them is more slender then the others and leads. It is the square rigging. It also has a man barely visible at the top of its mast.

"Everybody prepare yourselves." Keinjo says before walking up to Galvin and chuckles. "Watch this." He tells the man before placing a hand on his shoulder. "You hired the only man who can make this look easy." He winks at him before turning to the others. "Get into position." He orders the Watchers before turning back to Kalinere and Galvin again. "So uh. Does she do anything besides stand around looking pretty? Or she free to goof around? She looks pretty bored." [Keinjo]

Galvin turns to reply to Keinjo and as he does, he spots the sun reflecting off the sails to the south. He immediately digs his looking glass from his belt pouch and opens it up peering towards the approaching ships. He says quietly, hardly moving his mouth so as not to break his focus. "We have company Master Keinjo, and they are riding high in the water, strange for ships headed north." [Galvin]

"Yes, I was. That march was a good idea, but the way it ended up was horrible." Kalinere replies to Jaim as her eyes drift towards the lines of men taking up positions for, as far they have not done so yet. "I've had a mostly uneventful life since then, but you know, once in a while the blood starts pumping, and you sign up to do a bit more than you usually do." she replies as she overhears Keinjo's comment. "Of course I'm bored. There's not as many handsome men around as I was hoping for when I signed up." she grins at him. [Kalinere]

"Hey, Damsel in distress, Slayer of Ravens, it's starting" Wellen speaks, running up to the pair. "Siege engines are working properly, or should be unless I'm mistaken" Wellen calls to Keinjo before moving to join Galvin, "So Lord Pops, how are you?" Wellen asks as he approaches Galvin.

Elric nods at the command, drawing his daggers and moving forward a bit, his gaze unwavering as it rests on the sails of the ships. He stops near Galvin and listens as the man pulls out his looking glass and speaks. Elric looks over his shoulder at Keinjo briefly and shrugs, turning back to the ships. A grin spreads across his face as he hears Wellen approach, that name bringing a chuckle. "Lord pops...."

"At least it gives you some optimism, living through a thing like that. This can't possibly turn out much worse than Malkier did." Jaim commented, then moved forward a bit. He turned to Keinjo for a moment and asked, "Just so I'm clear. We sink the ship then take care of anyone who manages to get to shore?" [Jaim]

The man who hung to the mast of the lead ship begins to wave his arms. The ships come every closer seeming to speed despite the unfavorable wind. Oars appear out the sides of each as they row towards the army. Men can be seen moving to the side of the boats with heavy crossbows.

"We sink the ship, they take care of whoever manages to get to shore. Our contract is to get rid of the current problem, nothing more." He replies to Jaim before looking between Elric and Wellen. "Don't antagonize the man. He's our employer. It is not proper to conduct. I apologize Lord Saighan for their crude treatment." He bows deeply before walking forward and glances over the pavise and archers. "Hold your aim steady." He orders them. Crossbows are aimed low and the concentration heavy in their eyes. Keinjo nods slightly before turning to face Galvin. "They'll not realize we have an entire army here at first. They'll assume the men down there will be easy bait. Order your men to launch their arrows into the side of the ship. Flaming arrows. We want to make the nearest ship go alight." [Keinjo]

Galvin chuckles as Wellen addresses him once again as Lord Pops and shakes his head ruefully. He turns to the nearest soldier after Keinjo lays out his plan and repeats the instructions to him. With that the soldier takes off running towards the crossbowmen to relay the order. He glances up and watches the ships through the square shaped cutout in his helmet as they approach. He stands very still, the only movement about him being the small flag of his con flapping slightly in the breeze. [Galvin]

Kalinere smirks at the nickname given to the Lord, but says nothing otherwise as she gives a meaningful glance of agreement to Jaim. Her hands familiarize themselves with the locations of the blades on her belt one last time, her eyes seeking out the sails Galvin looked at through the looking glass. [Kalinere]

Setting his pavice in the ground behind him, Wellen yawns loudly and leans on it lightly. "Time for the action, it seems" he speaks in a dull monotone. "I guess all I have to do for now is wait, I should have chosen to shoot one of the ballista, would have been more entertaining then waiting" Wellen yawns loudly.

"Easier for us then." Jaim nodded to Keinjo. Then he turned around to look at the ballistae assembled and pointed towards the nearest one. "Fire at the ship. Just one of you." He called to the men managing the weapon. He half turned around, then stopped. "And make sure to reload. You might need to fire again." He added as an afterthought, then turned around and nodded at Keinjo. [Jaim]

The ballista fires and with a sound much like a blade whistling to near ones ear the massive arrow hurtles at the ship. Cries can be heard from the men who had just moments before been bringing the ship to bear on the cost. The ship manages to touch the land beneath the water and slow to a stop. Still a massive bolt rips through the side of the hull and rocks the ship sideways several men falling into the water including the man on the top of the mast. Wood splinters fly out in several directions and the loud crack that the ballista created when it hit the target is almost deafening to those near the landing boat. The other two ships with the triangle sails hold back having seen the ballista and merely arm the crossbows and begin firing bolts into the army nearest on the shore. The men on the affected ship begin to leap from the damaged boats side and rush up to meat the army at least ten of them land on their feet ready to run with five more lagging after.

"Great shot. Good work men." Keinjo places his hands behind his back. "Fire at the other boats while the noble's men keeps them occupied." He orders his men before looking to Wellen and Jaim. "Keep on your toes, it is almost time." He tells them and Galvin offering them a firm nod. "This battle seems to be going easier than I thought. How fortunate." He smiles warmly at him before approaching the supposed runners. "Figure out why they haven't fired their longbows yet. It is crucial that they do. It may decidedly scare off the other ships." He draws out his sword, places it against his shoulder, and looks back to the battle, tapping the blade against his breastplate. "Maybe we'll even get prisoners." [Keinjo]
"Brother Ravenslayer, please send your hawk to take a quick scout of the other two ships and attempt to decipher their condition after the volley." [Keinjo]

Galvin cheers loudly as the initial ballista bolt breaches the hull of the first ship cleanly. He claps Keinjo on the shoulder and says loudly "Good job Master Evolous" He then pulls out his looking glass again and peers through it at the ships farther out in the river [Galvin]

Kalinere takes a few steps forward, placing herself inbetween Galvin and the lines of soldiers at the waterfront. "So, how many men are we facing? Those ships look like anthills of unmannered bandits from what I can tell." she finally asks with a raised voice to overcome the ballista's workings. Finally, she draws two daggers and lightly twirls them inbetween her fingers as she watches the battle burst loose. "I mean, facing on the shore." [Kalinere]

"Woo" Wellen cheers without mirth, yawning as he leans back on his shield further. Causing himself to fall back, onto the shield. "Ouch" Wellen mutters rubbing his bottom as he stands back up. "That hurt," he mutters to himself, scanning the area.

"I have to say, Master Calm, I wasn't expecting those weapons of yours to work that well." Jaim said, watching appreciatively. Then he frowned at Keinjo for a moment. "You realize that they'd probably just shoot the bird and even if they didn't, I wouldn't have any way of finding out their condition based on it?" [Jaim]

The men rush up the beach swords and cutlasses bared. The Army surges forward with shields to meet the meager group and slice them to ribbions. While the front of the army begins slaughtering the pirates the fire arrows loose. The majority of the men aim for a large hole in the side of the ship caused by the ballista. The arrows land inside and a glow begins to show from the fires lighting. Still another twenty men jump from the boat only this time they run along the shore southward trying to flee the army. Another group jump down and try to circle around the boat into the water to swim away.

"What? I thought you were a Ravenslayer. Shouldn't you be able to talk to birds?" He pouts for a moment before running a hand against the back of his neck. "Reload everybody. Lord Saighan might I receive the rest of that payment now? It seems we've won. The other two ships are retreating and this one completely wrecked. I can guarantee at least a week's worth of peace if not more from river pirates." He tells the man, "After all the contract was to deal with the current threat." He walks over to him and raises up a hand. [Keinjo]

Galvin nods and fishes a purse from his belt. He tosses it to Keinjo and nods in a satisfied manner towards the river where the last two ships are attempting a hasty retreat. "I suspect these pirates will avoid any action with our trade routes anytime soon, we surely put the fear of the Light into them" [Galvin]

An annoyed glance is sent over her shoulder by Kalinere, directed at the mercenary leader. "If you were the professional you are known as, you would see it through to the end prior to demanding your pay. A noble lord does not go back on his word after all." she mutters, not really meant to be heard but audible enough to be heard. She directs her focus back to the battle playing in front of her, even though it does not seem pirates are getting anywhere to their location. [Kalinere]

"So we're paid now? Finally?" Wellen questions, stretching his arms out into the air. "Wonderful, lets get on with it" producing a pair of daggers from his belt. Rushing forward to put one dagger at Galvin's throat, another to the man's back. "I would recommend you don't move" Wellen speaks cheerfully. "It'd be bad for business to kill a client after completing the job, but if you fail to comply..."

As soon as he sees Keinjo receive the money, Jaim turns to Kalinere and swings his staff towards her hands, aiming to knock the daggers away from her. "I'm sorry about this, but it's nothing personal. If you don't cause any problems, I won't have to hurt you at all." He sounded a bit apologetic. [Jaim]

The ship, which had begun to light on fire, explodes violently in a massive fireball. Bright lights and a ringing boom covers the field of battle. Plums of smoke begin to rise from the now completely destroyed ship. The men who had been fighting on the beach are knocked to the ground by the explosion and even the men near the siege engines feel the pressure as the shockwave passes them. The two boats that had fallen back at seeing the ballista strike move forward now their decks loaded with men with heavy crossbows aimed at the army. However not a shot is fired save one that strikes a hawk which took flight at the shock of the explosion. Jaim's hawk falls into the forest with a bolt through its chest.

The men at the siege engines draw their crossbows and quickly point them at the last remaining runners, while Keinjo continues to tap the sword against his shoulder. "By the blight, Lucian did a wonderful job of that. Rigged that much better than I could." He chuckles with glee. "See, Miss friend to Lord Saighan. I kept my end. We arranged it to be fairly easy to take down." He explains to her before winking and turning towards Galvin. "Alright, now that the contract is more or less complete, I want to discuss the contract. It mentioned that all our preparations would be covered. That included food and these lovely machines you see here. Now to finalize it, we have a lot of unarmoured people in my ranks and you have three times that. We also have families to feed. I used those boats over there to lure the enemy craft into the open so they aren't going to be a problem unless your men attempt to be violent.
You have every single one of your underlings strip down into their small clothes and leave their equipment, weapons, armours, and money, get into the river, and head back north to Cairhien. You will get to keep all your clothes and coin but you will remove all jewelry and weapon you have now as well." [Keinjo]
"And that's it. That'll finalize your side of the contract and we can all go home." He smiles cheerfully and holds out his freehand. The seventy or so men standing behind the shields continue to aim at the surviving soldiers from their attack on the pirate ship as well as the two boats of sailors aiming their weapons at those in the water. "Otherwise you are going to be openly stating war conflict with me while your men are stunned disoriented and vulnerable to at least two volley of crossbow fire and my toys. I dislike it when people break contract you see." He almost seems to giggle lightly. "So how about it? The longer you take and the more time they have to recover, the quicker they'll have to be dispatched. Can't have them figuring out what's going on and having time to retaliate. Even if they can't win, they may kill a few of my brothers and sisters." The dragon engraved sword seems to glow as it catches the sun just right. [Keinjo]

Galvin stands in stunned disbelief for a moment glaring at Keinjo and his fellow mercenaries. "Why, We held to our end of the bargain, why?" Galvin continues to look between the men with his mouth hanging slightly open. He glances over his shoulder at Kalinere and surveys the guards that stood near him, all effectively disabled. "I have no choice Evolous, take it." with that he unbuckles his sword belt and tosses it towards Keinjo. [Galvin]

Kalinere turns around on her heel to find Galvin in his position and Jaim lashing out to her, managing to knock one of her two daggers out of her hands. A confused glance towards Galvin and then around to her to the other soldiers completes the picture for her as Keinjo talks, her remaining dagger held up in a non-threatening way albeit without intention on letting go of the weapon. She glances meaningfully towards Galvin as he replies to the demands. "Now, boys, gentlemen." she speaks up, I'd like to make a proposal. "For one, you'll see I don't wear his colours. Second, I am from the borderlands, and third, I came along as a favor to the Lord. I am not his underling, and as such, your proposal does not apply to me and I will be keeping my belongings - INCLUDING my horse." She casts a glance towards the horse to make sure nobody was touching it just yet. "My proposition is as follows. You let me replace your blades with my one remaining blade on the Lord's neck, and have my have my horse.
[Kalinere] She smirks lightly as she looks towards Keinjo. "The way I see it, it is you people backstabbing, and for a change not the Cairhienan. If you are honorable, you will let me take him away with my dagger on his throat. I can get a fair bit for securing his safety, and you still have his soldiers, which for all intents and purposes, stand no chance for you now. What do you say?" [Kalinere]

Moving behind the man, his right hand and dagger coming up to guard the man's throat, dropping his other a few inches. "And the pretty pendant" he speaks, humming the words afterwards as if it had some rhythm. "We held our end as well, it was never explicitly stated that we wouldn't rob you and your men after doing our jobs, you should probably add it into the contract next time" he bobs his head up and down twice, before making sure his stance was steady. "You underling sure seems loyal" he whispers into Galvin's ear.

"You are now." He says with a smile though he gestures off towards one of the runners. "Have him send your orders." He says cheerfully again while standing idly. He shrugs his shoulders and slowly makes his way towards the siege engine. He offers Galvin a deep bow, one that spoke of sincere apology as though there were clarity in all his insane actions, "Now, now, no need to throw around words. Nobody will be harmed so long as its obeyed. We aren't an aggressing army, just a group of men trying to make sure we're not being screwed out of our deal." He smiles warmly at the man as he catches the belt. "Your necklace and jewelry too, friend. And any armour you wear that won't expose too much skin. You can walk away with dignity, I will not have you suffer the same fate as your commoners."
[Keinjo] He slowly raises himself out of the bow and continues, "I apologize for the course of our actions, I do not have many positive dealings with Cairhieners and this is a first among Saighan. I imagine you may have been kind enough to simply hand it all over. I really must feel I must explain myself. We have not yet backstabbed. I could start with the woman over there who seems to care not much for your health. She seems to treat me as some common assassin rather than this paranoid mercenary." He tsks slightly, "With your permission of course, Lord Saighan. Brother Calm, do release him from your custody. He has forsaken his sword and you will win should he draw knife." He otherwise seems to ignore anything Kalinere says while approaching Galvin and actually kneels. "I do not wish for this to taint our future relationships and humbly apologize for our methods." He does however keep outside of six feet and his hand remains solidly on his blade. [Keinjo]

Galvin watches with growing anger as Keinjo makes his speech, including the bowing and keeling as all of his various lies. He unbuckles his breastplate and drops it in the dirt, following shortly after with his helmet. "May you forever pay for the sins you have committed Evolous" with that he drops his head towards the dirt and waves at the nearest runner to pass orders to the men. [Galvin]

"Now now, gentlemen. You are putting me in a tough position here." Kalinere replies as she sees Galvin get rid of his equipment. "I am not one of his underlings nor am I paid by him, so I'll repeat that your contract has no bearing on me, unless you choose to end up as thugs after all." With those words, she casually puts her knife away and reaches down to get her other dagger. "My things are my own. Which includes my life. You people may or may not let him live, but the way I see it, it does not matter. The High Lord knows I am here as only outsider. He will want my head because you people chose to make fun of his house, and I am the only one in reach for him to punish." She puts her other dagger away too. "Now, unless you are everything you claim not to be, you'll at least be so kind to let me have the humbled Lord so I can save my own neck." Her eyes glance strongly towards Jaim and then Keinjo again. "Otherwise, I'll die by some blade one way or another, even if none of you actually holds it." [Kalinere]

Removing his daggers from Galvin's throat, Wellen begins to laugh at Kalinere's words, "Are you honestly trying to play the game here? In this situation, and you call yourself a borderlander." Sliding his daggers away. "Technically, we promised to spare the people serving under lord pops over here, as long as they listen, nothing was said about sparing an unaffiliated person sprouting nonsense" he speaks, drawing one of his axes and looking at it carefully.

"Besides, nobody said you have to stay with them the entire way. As long as you don't come back to cause us problems, you can desert the lord here to his own devices." Jaim observed, a bit relaxed now that the daggers had been put away. "But it's not my call, in the end, is it?" He jerked his head towards Keinjo. [Jaim]

"He's not mine to give." He shrugs at the girl and her empty words. "Free game now unless you want to hire me for the price of a noble. I rather like this man especially now that he's lived up to his end of the deal." He grins at the man before looking over towards the stripped down army walking away. Any who aren't would be quickly laid to rest in any case. "So if you want to put your dagger on his throat, that's your business. So go away. Shouldn't have been here anyway, all the lot you did." He tilts his head back and offers her a wink. "Someone go collect her horse as tax for being a burden and trying to make pointless one sided deals." He just says to nobody in general before lifting up the necklace and helmet. He places the helmet on top of his head and peers at the brim before nodding at Galvin. "Until next time Lord Saighan. May we have many more deals in the future." He hums peacefully before walking towards the siege engines again. He hums peacefully before walking towards the siege engines again. All the stripped armour, crossbows, and various other weapons are slowly brought back to the wagons and loaded up one by one until Keinjo himself begins walking towards the east. The men prepare themselves to go along save those few who remain with Jaim and Wellen for however long they stay. [Keinjo]

Wellen gets on a wagon and begins to take a nap. [Wellen]

"Then technically, if you see my not being a part of your game as a reason to kill me, you are very much what your leader says you are not: murderers, thieves, and scoundrels." Kalinere bites back at Wellen before looking back at Keinjo. "I am not your enemy. I work for my interests alone, and obviously, saving my own neck with a bit of profit are those interests." She replies as a last-ditch effort. Kalinere walks over to Galvin and gives him a hard stare. "You owe me a horse for this favor, Lord." she mutters. [Kalinere]

"Right, then...This sure turned out poorly." Jaim looked a bit awkwardly between the other mercenaries and Kalinere. Then he shrugged and looked around to see where Keinjo had gone. A moment of pause and he began walking towards the east after Keinjo, muttering under his breath about the job. [Jaim]