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Submitted By: Wellen
All Characters Involved: Wellen, Klaive

Submitted Log

The afternoon sun beats down on a man who walks around a stunted cliff, a small breeze flowing through to sometimes push at his hair. At the man's belt are two battle-axes, with fake bloodstains drawn on them. The man stops as he makes a full circle around the small cliff, climbing into the tall grass. [Wellen]

Whistling a tune to himself, a young man walks slowly by the cliff. He keeps his eyes down to watch the edge of the cliff and moves slightly where it comes farther in. The light breeze tousles his long brown hair, which is already messy. He carries a pole with a long blade on the end of it on his shoulder. It looks somewhat like a spear but the blade is more like a sword's. His blue hat's brim flops lazily with the wind as he walks, covering the upper portion of his face on the bottom of the bounce. [Klaive]

"Fine, don't answer me" he speaks loudly, moving to leave the tall grass. Jumping down the two feet, he lands in front of Klaive, though he does not seem to notice the man at first several moments later he turns to look at the other man. "Is this your grass? You really shouldn't let it grow so much" he examines the weapon the man is holding, "Oh, looks like you were about to, carry on."[Wellen]

Klaive glances up at the fellow, "What are you carrying on about? I'm just wandering through this area...." Klaive's face split into a large grin, "But if you pay my, I'll gladly cut this grass for you." He looked down at the other man's weapon, "Although it looks like you've been cutting something but it doesn't look like grass. Have you been hunting?" He looked up at the other man, his eyebrow arching questioningly.

"Why would I pay you for cutting your own grass?" Wellen blinks behind his mask, "It's not my fault you can't keep your grass cut." He walks several feet away from the other man and begins to exercise, stopping shortly after to respond to the man. "Of course not, I don't need to hunt for my food" he replies in a surprised tone, "isn't that what inns are for?" he asks as he walks over to sit on the edge of the cliff. [Wellen]

"It's not my grass! I don't know whose grass this is!" Klaive shook his head, bewilderment showing in his eyes. "Well, there are bloodstains on your axe so I assumed you'd been hunting or something of the like. And inns aren't only for food they're places for travelers to stop for the night and rest." Klaive took a step away from the cliff, farther into the grass. "Maybe it does need to be cut." He took a seat in it, letting it completely engulf him. [Klaive]

"You should have said that in the first place" he scolds, "Someone has to own it, who would leave a cliff in the middle of nowhere?" He stands back up, moving off the cliff, "Why are you telling me the obvious? Of course Inns are for sleeping as well!" Wellen speaks as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And I just said it needs to be cut, why do you feel the need to repeat me?" he asks, moving to lean against a nearby tree. [Wellen]

"How would somebody leave a cliff here? It's not as if they can move one at will! And I didn't mean to repeat what you said, I was just stating a new observation!" Klaive stood, looking at the spot where Wellen was before he sat down. "Where'd you go?" He said, spinning around, looking before noticing him standing against a tree. "Why do you even care if the grass is cut or not if you don't own this land?" [Klaive]

"I never said someone could move a cliff, your mad if you think I said that" he turns his head towards Klaive as he speaks, "The grass needs to be cut, just because you finally figured it out doesn't mean it wasn't what I said in the first place!" He sighs, pushing away from the tree he walks around it once. "Why do I care about the grass again?" he asks, assuming a thinking posture, "Ah, I remember, it's because I got some more dirt in my boots." [Wellen]

"You think the grass needs to be cut simply because you got dirt in your boots? And if you don't think cliffs can be moved how could someone leave a cliff in the middle of no where?" Klaive let out a frustrated sigh. He pulled of his hat, dusted it off slightly, and then set it back on his head, breathing slowly all the while. "So... what is your name?" [Klaive]

"Exactly! Now you?re getting it" Wellen claps loudly, ignoring the man's frustrated sigh. When asked his name, he replies "Isn't it proper to introduce ones self before asking another?s, I mean your like that other guy, except that other guy pointed a sword at me." Wellen sniffs sadly, "I don't think he liked me, and his axe carrier refused to carry my axes for me." [Wellen]

"Why would some guy point a sword at you and why do you need someone to carry you axes? I'm Klaive, by the way." He made a slight bow, more of a nod of his head. "Now it's your turn... And are we playing some kind of game because if so, I don't know the rules." He said with a confused shake of his head. [Klaive]

"How would I know?" Wellen asks, "It's not my fault he decided to be all mean!" He bends his head to the side slightly, "So I wouldn't have to carry them to the table myself of course!" He begins pacing an area of about ten feet, "I'm Keinjo Evolous, and I don't think we're playing a game, though we could if you like." [Wellen]

"If you want to play a game, Keinjo, sure go ahead and tell me the rules and objectives." Klaive took another step away from the cliff, further into the grass. "So you have no clue why the other man threatened you... and what are the bloodstains on your axe? Did you do something bad?" [Klaive]

"Nah, nothing fun to do out here without people" Wellen sighs woefully, dropping down into a sitting position. "What bloodstains?" he asks, looking at his left axe and pulling it out of the loop, examining a very small part of the blade before searching for something to wipe at the small spot. "Odd, I thought I got it off earlier" he speaks, ignoring the rest of the axe he lets it fall back into its loop. [Wellen]

"But... Never mind. If it's no fun being out here alone, why are you out here alone exactly?" Klaive chuckled quietly. "It seems someone like you would absolutely love a crowd of people to talk to. I mean you probably even calmed the guy that had the sword pointed at you down, right?" Klaive grinned, sarcasm practically dripping from his voice. "I?m sure you're quite the diplomat." [Klaive]

"Your here, as well as all the others, therefore I am not alone" Wellen points out, assuming a position with one leg stretched out and his other leg knee is up. "Crowds are annoying, always going who are you, that?s not a name, what do you mean you don't care!" he leans back. "Sadly I did not, Mr. Mean Sword refused my attempts to have him lower the weapon," he adds with a much-exaggerated sniff. [Wellen]

"I just happened to be here, either wise you'd be alone... unless... Who are the others?" Klaive spun around in a circle, the brim of his hat flopping about as he looked around. "I don't see anyone else. And if you didn't calm him down how'd you get out of that situation? Doesn't seem like it'd be easy to escape a man with a sword pointed at you." [Klaive]

"The others are the others, who else would they be?" Wellen asks as he sits up, yawning. Hopping to his feet he looks at Klaive, "Sadly, calling myself calm doesn't seem to calm others, some people just don't seem to understand the meaning behind names." He begins to circle the cliff again, "So how did you escape the man with the sword pointed at you?" he asks. [Wellen]

"I've... I've never had a man point his sword at me. The closest thing I got to that was a man that I called Mister and I think he was insane. He had a necklace that was made of some poor man's fingers on it." Klaive shivered slightly, thinking back. "But this is about you escaping a man that had a sword pointed at YOU not me. I want to know how you did it!" [Klaive]

"Fingers? Those are hardly fashionable" Wellen lifts his hand up to his face and wiggles his fingers a little. "Odd, I would hardly think they'd make a good necklace, I wonder what it looks like" he assumes the thinking posture again, one hand on his chin as he thinks. "I had a sword pointed at me? Oh yes, that one time with that one man with that one sword, and there were two other men I think." [Wellen]

"They were on a golden chain, hanging around his neck for all to see. Why are you changing postures so much? And how does that story with the one man and the one sword go? Are you going to tell me?" Klaive dropped his ashandarei and plucked his hat off his head, running his free hand through his hair. "I mean it seems like you shouldn't be here right now to me unless you have the Dark One's own luck!" [Klaive]

"Isn't it obvious, I talked with the one man, and the other man made the man with the thing stop who then left and then the other man was scared and left for whatever reason so the last man and I had a nice chat about something, I think it involved shoes somehow" Wellen speaks at an quick rate, telling the story in about fifth teen seconds. [Wellen]

"No I didn't find that part of the story obvious at all... as a matter of fact, it's still rather obscure. And why are you talking so fast, we aren't in a rush here are we? We can talk as freely as we like with no interruption." Klaive grinned, speaking slightly more slowly than usual to counterbalance the other man. "And how would shoes stop anyone?" [Klaive]

"Why aren't we in a rush aren't we just wasting time if we bother to go slow?" Wellen asks very slowly. He turns around in a half circle, "Of course they had rocks and dirt in them, how else would they stop someone? Hurts your toes bad they do!" He turns back to Klaive, "And you, what are you doing here?" he asks. [Wellen]

"I'm a wanderer... it's what I do." Klaive smiled at the other man. "What are you doing way out in the country? And how are we wasting time if we have nothing to do?" Klaive shook his head and muttered to himself about confusion. "You sure are... different than anyone I've met before." [Klaive]

"A wanderer isn't a profession! It doesn't explain why you?re asking why I'm way out in the country when Cairhien is so near!" Wellen complains, stepping backwards several steps. "Of course I'm different, have you met anyone else named Keinjo?" he asks, "Well if you ever do see another Keinjo tell him Keinjo said Hello Keinjo." [Wellen]

"Well then I guess you can say I don't exactly have a profession. And if you can ask me why can't I ask you?" Klaive shook his head slowly. "And I've never met anyone else named Keinjo and I doubt I will. As far as I know, it isn't a very common name and I don't know why I would ever have to tell another Keinjo hi from you unless you know another one... Do you?" Klaive sighed, "Probably not." [Klaive]

"Of course you can ask me, I was asking why you were asking me, I think I already know my reasons for asking you" Wellen nods to every third word, looking at Klaive again. "Did you lose your grass cutter?" he asks, "You shouldn't do that, losing a grass cutter in grass, and the grass will most definitely try to hide it." [Wellen]

"What? You mean my weapon. It was right... Bah!" Klaive bends over and begins through rummage in the grass looking for it. "I was asking you out of curiosity.? Grass doesn't hide things... does it?" Klaive grabbed the blade of his ashandarei in the grass. "Ow!!!" Quickly jerking his hand up, he noticed a large cut along the palm. "That hurt..." Bending down again, he picked the ashandarei up, careful to grab the pole this time. [Klaive]

"Grass always tries to hide things, normally bugs, but sometimes grass cutters" Wellen speaks, climbing onto the cliff as well as Klaive cuts his hand. "You shouldn't do that, cutting yourself is bad" he comments, moving one of his own fingers with a small cut under his mask towards his mouth. "I mean think about it, if you didn't cut yourself you wouldn't get blood everywhere."[Wellen]

"I didn't mean to cut myself! It was an accident! And how can grass hide something! It doesn't even know if something is there." Standing up, Klaive began to dust himself off with his free hand. "It's not like I can control every little detail of my life." Klaive glanced down and looked around before sighing again. "Do you have a strip of cloth or something I can bind this wound with?" [Klaive]

"It hid the blade from you didn't it?" Wellen comments after removing his finger from his mouth and letting the mask fall back on properly. Glancing about his person, he shakes his head, "I didn't even have a cloth to wipe my axe with." He circles around Klaive once, "It's not very complicated of a matter to think ahead you know." [Wellen]

"Sometimes it is. When there are events that aren't a certainty or if someone changes their plan in the middle of your plan! It's all very complicated." Klaive looks down at Wellen's axes again. "What do you usually use those axes for? They seem... like they are used often." He chuckled slightly at this, as if at a joke. [Klaive]

"Of course there are, else it would be boring" he says as he stops in front of Klaive, "If everything was predictable we would all be an idea away from success!." He glances at his axes again, "What do you mean they look like they are used often, they're in top shape!" he runs the edge of the blade in the small spot mentioned earlier. "Aren't they?" he asks, examining them. [Wellen]

"That's why life is complicated because everyone has that idea that they think will bring them success but it doesn't always work!" Klaive looked down at the axes strapped to Wellen. "They look in good shape to me... It's just... never mind. I suppose it isn't important." He scratched his head for a moment before looking up. "Wait! You still haven't told me why you're here, have you?" [Klaive]

"That?s because you never told me about that one thing, with the sword guy" Wellen protests, "I'm not telling you about why I'm here until you do." He turns to head off the small cliff, hopping down lightly. "Now, what happened again? Something about a sword guy?" he asks as he turns around back at Klaive. [Wellen]

"What... Oh. Well, ya see? Ummm... I had got somebody angry in an inn because... I was flirting with their woman! You see, she was interested in me when he turned up. He turned beet red and drew a sword on me and I didn't know what to do." Klaive grinned, shaking his head slightly, sending his brim flopping again. "And... I had to fight him, right there in the inn we stood in. That was in Saldaea, where I'm from, so this man was a veteran fighter, so I was pretty scared you can imagine..." Klaive chuckled a bit, trying to buy some time to think. [Klaive]

Wellen yawns at the story, "Being born in a land doesn't make you a veteran fighter, and your excuse is lame." He glances up at the sky, noticing how the sun was going to finish its travels soon. "As much fun as walking in the dark sounds, I think I'll refuse the story for now, bye Klaive" he waves to the man as he walks out of the area of the cliff and into the forest in the direction of Cairhien. [Wellen]

"Well... ok." Klaive stood there, looking confounded by the new twist this had taken. "Usually people love my stories." He said in a low voice to himself, as he turned and began to walk towards Cairhien. "I don't even know what was wrong with it. I thought it was pretty good so far." Klaive heaved a sigh, and slowly continued his walks, whistling a tune as he went. [Klaive]