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Submitted By: Sergius
All Characters Involved: Sergius, Keshia

Submitted Log

After having dried off from the rain and having spent a night at the Blue Cat Inn, the young man walked into the common room looking considerably drier, and a little more cheery. The hospitality that he had received in this city was far superior to that which he had received on his travels and he was looking forward to what new things he would be experiencing. He walked over to one of the empty tables and reclined in the chair, glancing about the room with eyes open wide.

The room's size is surprising to most who see it and will occassionally shock less frequent guests. However the wooden tables are each taken near the middle of the room. One table imparticular is given a bit more space then the others. The cause seems to be three women with red shawls sitting at the table drinking and speaking softly together each as proper as a queen and completely ignoring those who cast sidelong glances at them.

Sergius looks at the mantle along the fireplace, appreciating the intricate carvings of various cats in different poses which he had not done the night that he had arrived. He also looked down at the carpet, chuckling to himself upon noticing the pawprints. The mirth seemed out of place on the angular, weather-beaten face of the youth, though it correlated well with the smokey grey-eyes, swirls of clouds after a storm. As he turned his head, he noticed the three women in red shawls speaking softly with one another, and his eyes darted from one to the other. He passed them off as noblewomen, until he noticed the glint of light reflecting off of a ring.

His mouth hung open for this was the first time that he had laid eyes on the ring with the serpent that was biting its own tail. He did not realize that he looked like a fish, gaping mouth and all, eyes bugged out. He must have stared for a good two or three minutes, blinking once and collecting himself. He sincerely hoped that no one had noticed him. This was his second day in Tar Valon, after all. He sheepishly tried to disappear into his own chair, and he bit his lower lip, afraid that he had somehow offended the women who were there by his poor manners.

The three women each bore a red shawl with a embrodiered fringe and the ageless face of a sister aswell as the golden serpent ring. They're backs were to him sparing him their knowing gazes as they continued to speak one of them lifting a glass of wine to her lips and sipping it slowly before setting it back down. The common

room was buzzing with the talks of Merchants and Nobles and commoners alike each wearing a respectable garb save a few who sat off to the side. Silks and Wools seemed to be the norm embroidered and not, however most of the people held them self with a certain esteem. A serving girl weaves through the room her lithe form easily slipping between chairs and people as she offers a polite smile. She stops at the table of the Aes Sedai seeming perfectly calm while she spoke to them only to leave after several moments toward the kitchen.

Sergius was feeling a little nervous being near the three Aes Sedai. He had heard the stories growing up, of how they would take away children, perhaps even to eat them. He glanced about the room to see how others were responding, and he was surprised that no one had run out of the Inn. Perhaps it was better that way, as any sudden movement would incur the curiosity and the wrath of the women, or so ran the thoughts through his mind. As he was about to slip away from his chair with one smooth motion, he bumped into the serving girl, which resulted in a joyous clash between him and the serving tray, causing glasses to fall, food to be tumbled, and drinks to be spilt. He stammered, "I'm... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... to bump into you... ah..."

Keshia turns to look at the noise. Her dark brown hair turning with her hanging around her face framing it as well as complimenting her pale complexition. Light blue eyes like a clear sky peer out at the room with a calm knowing weight behind them. Her face is mostly unchanged from a merely calm and curious expression as she spots the boy causing all the trouble. Her sisters both turn their gazes onto the boy as well. Several people look at them warily, the weight of the red sisters gaze resting on Sergius waiting... expectantly as if they already knew the answer that he should tell. The serving girl splutters as she drops to the ground and frowns as she tries to wipe the drink from her clothing. "Sir please watch were you are going." she says in an annoyed voice.

When the three sisters turn their combined gaze upon him, the color immediately drains away from his face as though he is looking into the eyes of death itself. Curious, though, that death would appear so beautiful and serene... but again, he composed himself, and quickly dropped to the ground to help the serving girl clean up the mess, continuing to apologize profusely, "I... I know, it is my fault... please, let me help you clean it up..." Though his own actions were continuing to draw ire from some of the other patrons, and perhaps mirth as well, though none would dare show it with three Aes Sedai in the room. The color slowly returned to his face, and the young man asked "Is there some way I can make it up to you?"

The Serving girl stood up with a sniff and a scowl as she put the broken glass on the tray as well as the ruined food. "No. You've done quite enough haven't you." she says stiffly as she looks around. One of the cooks comes out with a frown a portly fellow with double chins and arms as thick as some mens legs. "What's all this ruckus and mess then?" he askes heatedly.

Sergius looks between the cook and the serving girl, and cautiously glances over at the three women to ensure that he is not being watched, and then stammers out again, "It... it is my fault, sir... I bumped into her when... when I was standing up, and I caused the mess... I'm really sorry... is there... is there anything I can do to make up for it?" Manners was something that was lacking in the young man, whose farm-raised experience did not prepare him for the dealings with commercial enterprises that often. If he had made a mess at a friend's place, it would have been cleaned up and that was the end of it. However, things continued to escalate and he was at a loss of where or who to turn to for support.

The cook frowns as he looks at Sergius. "Lad your making a mighty big mess of this inn." He glances nervously toward the red sisters before turning a stern gaze back onto Sergius. "I just want your clumsy feet and uncoordinated hands out of the Blue Cat Inn." The three sisters turn away their gazes now, no longer pressing down on Sergius as he speaks with the cook. The serving girl scowls as she stalks back into the kitchen mumbling about woolheaded men and fools.

Sergius is about to respond, but he just closes his mouth and he nods his head. "Yes sir," he says. He looks towards his travelling cloak that was wrapped behind the head of the chair, and he picks it up and then continues, "Where would you recommend that I go stay at? I am new to this city... looking for work actually... I've been travelling for a long time now, and I've run out of what little money I had to begin with. I'm sorry for making a mess, but I really am in need of work... I know I'm not the smartest, but I am good with my hands, really... this was just an accident..."

The cook growls as the man continues to speak he takes a large cudgel and swings it at the boys head "Get out!" he raises his voice one of the sisters finally standing her blue eyes resting on the pair as she slowly begins to make her way over instead of the wisping of slippers the muffled steps of soft leather. As she came closer people made way for her and the other two sisters turned their gazes merely watching for the time being. Keshia's voice slices through the buzz of the common room and the cooks voice cutting short anyone speaking. "Is there a problem?" she says cooly her eyes resting solely on Sergius.

Sergius instinctively moves as the cudgel is swung, also raising his hands in a defensive posture. His arms absorb some of the blow and he winces, remembering the wooden spoons used by his Ma whenever he would get into trouble on the farm. However, the threat of physical violence was no where near the terror of the voice that spoke to him, of the eyes that rested upon him. The young man turned and his shadowy grey eyes met briefly those of the icy cool ones, and he immediately dropped his face, looking down towards the floor, at her feet. He could not, would not raise his head. He didn't even know what words to speak other than to stammer out, "N...n... no problem... Aes Sedai..."

Keshia looks at Sergius then to the cook. "Only a fool disturbs his patrons so... and with such an insignificant matter." The tone was disappointed and smooth. Like velvet and emotion rolling off her tongue. "Leave now." she says to Sergius her eyes following to the cook adding "Please bring our order of honey buns and wine."

Sergius gripped his travelling cloak between his hands so tightly that his knuckles were going to turn white. He muttered softly "I didn't mean to... now where am I supposed to go?" It was apparent that he was fighting back tears. He was a stranger in a strange city, and his emotions were rattled because death herself had spoken to him, but somehow he managed to live. Hands shaking, he put on his travel-worn cloak and started to shuffle his way towards the exit from the Inn, his mind filled with a thousand things, and not one that would bring resolution with satisfaction.