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Submitted By: Vlad
All Characters Involved: Vlad, Lily

Submitted Log

Deep Within Lily's Dreams
The deafening sound of rushing water deafens the ears and mind, smothering all of the other forest sounds. As startling as the noise is the sight of a waterfall at least a dozen paces wide and twice as tall. The water crashes down the cliff into a turbulent pool that is remarkably clear for all the dirt that the rushing water should be churning up - it looks to be exceptionally deep at its midpoint, a murky blue color that gradually becomes lighter as the water shallows, until the edge of the pool shines crystal clear, as cold as melted snow.

Lily is standing by the pool, a long black cloak covering her body, her head slightly tilted to the side as she watches the small flames dance in her palm. Stepping back she turns and lets the flames die as she looks down at her clothing. A small smile playing on her lips as she looks over the her black leather corset that hugs her body nicely, almost as if it could be a second skin. Her black pants are a snug fit as they are tucked into a pair of ankle high boots, the heel giving her an extra two inches in height. A pair of leather wrist guards adorn her slim wrists, while a simple but elegant black velvet choker adorns her long slim neck. Lifting her hand she plays with a small dark emarld stone that dangles slightly from the center of the choker. The fringe from a green shawl can be seen underneath her cloak as it lays across her shoulders. A dark blue sash istied around her slim waist a small black pouch hangs from it, and the slight gleam of silver from a pair of daggers can be seen. A golden ring adorns the third finger of her right hand, in the shape of a serpent biting its own tail. Turning back around she walks slowly back to the edge of the pool, as she shakes her head slowly.

Vlad lay upon the surface of his blanket, a woman held in his arms, gazing at the reinforced silken covering to the wagon that he rode within. The caravan trip had been long, and he had finally grown weary of the trip. He thinks back now, towards those he's met in the city, those that have left his life. Others who would have him killed, and those that would eventuallytake care of him. He smiles softly beneath a visage of peace, and thinks back on one girl in particular. She had been so lost at first, so frightened. At least thats how he remembers her. He wonders now, if she is will. If she is asleep. He closes his eyes and slowly the world fades away, and he feels himself relax, shadows consuming his mind, and eventually he floats among the stars. Thousands of lights strobing, flying by, and he by them, and he feels outward, searching, seeking... andlocating. Her. She was asleep after all, and she was in peace. He draws himself towards the light that would represent her.

Lily sits next to the pool a sad smile touches her lips as she curls her legs under her and wraps her cloak around her body. Raising her hands she cloases her eyes slowly for a moment before twin balls of flame appear above her hands. Watching the flames she sighs softly before letting them disappear once again. Shaking her head slowly she speaks softly to herself. "I wonder if this will ever fade or if I'll live with it always."

"Mm... if what'll ever fade?" A voice inquires of behind her, Vlad finally stepping into the dream, allowing it to consume him fully. He steps inside, remembering that it was only a dream, and that he had no real place in it. This was his safe-guard. So he hoped. He wore simple silks, gentle soft colors, and his face held a warm hidden smile, as if though if one did not look close enough or if one blinked, it would appear to vanish. As if it were never present. He walks towards her from behind, before settling himself beside her, by the pool's edge, drawing some water up onto his hands, now unbandaged, and he wore no jewelry. He splashes some at her, and it grows into a larger grin, more mischevious. [Vlad]

Lily jumps slightly at the voice, her clothing turning to novice white before returning to her leather outfit. Turning slowly as she realizes it's Vlad from Cairhen. Laughing softly as he splashes her with some water she grins as she watches him fora moment. "Nothing of importance to you Vlad. I wondered if I would see you again it has been awhile since last I saw you." Tilting her head slightly to the right she watches him closely.

"Has it been so long? It seems only yesterday." He says warmly, pretending the novice thing did not happen. She would remember it a dream. It was best that way. "Have you been a Sedai long?" He asks, gesturing towards her ring, not questioning her presence in the woods. It would be a good dream. "If you've been a Sedai, then I truly have missed much." He says, standing up again and wiping his hands on his shirt, and glancing around the woodlands. His tone is good natured, and he even seems to glow with a brilliant joy, as he waits for her to answer. He offers his hand, to help her up, "Tell me, while we walk" He says softly. [Vlad]

Lily watches him as he stands and smiles warmly at his outstretched hand. Lifting her hand she lets him help her up as she considers what to say. Walking next to him she shakes her head slowly, "No not for very long, just raised a short while ago. But no one was here when I arrived Vlad how do you happen to be here?" Looking up at him she watches him with curiousity in her eyes.

Smiling faintly, he shakes his head, "I can not believe you've forgotten. Do you not have any recollection that you asked me to meet you here? A letter?" He asks, he places a warm hand upon her shoulder, and ushers her along side him, towards the woodland, his lungs taking in the sweet breath and air that seems to drift here. "Come, you must remember, you are not so old yet!" He says with a wink, and places his hands behind his back, humming almost innocently. He tries to sneak up behind her and tickle her. [Vlad]

Lily frowns slightly shaking her head slowly, "I do not remember sending you a letter Vlad, but I would ask you here I just do not remember." Sighing softly she jumps as he tries to tickle her. Laughing softly as she turns around and faces him looking up at him. Placing her hands on his shoulders she reaches up and kisses him lightly on the cheek. Stepping back from him she turns and starts to walk away through the woods, looking over her shoulder she smiles asking softly, "You coming?"

Upon being kissed, Vlad stops in his tracks and blinks as she continues walking off as though nothing happened. He rubs the back of his head, thoughtfully, blushing heavily now, and wondering if he should, perhaps, leave. Seeing her though, made him feel rather pleased, and he did not yet hear any news from her... he would stay for now. He runs over towards her, and takes her up by the waist, spinning her about real quick, and then setting her back down, laughing. "Tell me! How have you been! What have you been doing?" [Vlad]

Lily blinks down at him, as he picks her up and spins her around, grasping his shoulders she laughs softly as he sets her down. "Not to much training alot to learn control, and trying not to get into trouble whil I was at it. And now I don't have to worry so much I am no long Novice or Accepted. But now I must find a Gaidin someday. But I'm sure thats not what you meant. However I am fine, and out once more I just wish..." Trailing off she sighs softly before lettign her hands drop and she starts to turn away.

Furrowing his brows, he walks around her and lifts her chin to face her eyes, "What is it?" He asks, suddenly feeling worried. She was unhappy? "What is it you wish? Perhaps I could grant it for you?" He says, reaching his hand behind his back, and materializing in it a sweet flower, using her mind to create the variety. "Please?" He says his voice becoming soothing, and he grins. [Vlad]

Lily takes a step back from him, "No one can grant this wish Vlad, my twin can not be brought back. I just wish he could have been her with me." Shaking her head slowly, "I did not mean to make this time sad with my troubles. I asked you here after all did I not." Smiling sadly she looks up at him shaking her head slowly again as she watches him, blushing softly she lowers her head to the ground.

"Mm..." He says softly, before nodding his head. He could bring him here, whoever he was, probably. Though that may only add to her pain if she were to awaken. Perhaps it was time for him to go. He would need sleep, and he seemed to be bringing pain... "The creator ensures that your twin is with you." He says, offering her a warm hug, embracing her against his chest. He holds her there quietly, before placing a finger to her lip and shaking his head, "There is no room for tears and pain, your brother would kill me if I let you waste time on it" He says, then ruffles her hair. "Come, speak of him to me, and think of him fondly, not so glum." He says, before walking off towards the horizon. [Vlad]

Lily elbows him in the stomach as she steps away from him, a small grin on her lips. "Never ruffle my hair, I do not like it. Though to speak of my brother, I do think of him fondly its his death I don't think fondly on or how I was treated by my family after he died. As if it was my fault he was killed while we played in the woods." Turning away she walks slowly into the woods, "We did that alot never studying as we were suppose to, but ran off and played and had our own secrets, those only twins have. Those are the memories I keep close, but to think of them remind me that he isn't here. So we shall think of something else. How have you been Vlad, what have you been doing before coming here?"

Silence at first, an eery silence as he listens to her words, as though he knew this already, and as if though he felt it too. This was the dangers of the dream world, he was starting to become part of the dream. Part of him screamed to leave, the other part, the dominant part, told him he had to make sure she was happy first. Completely so. He wanted to check up on her, and now that he knew, he was obligated to help her. She was a good person, and some reason, she felt dear to him. "Hmm? Me? Oh.. this and that. Ordinary noble dribble for the most part. I've had a few run-ins that were interesting, but not really the sort of thing I like to think about" He says, making a nasty frown at the thought. [Vlad]

Lily shakes her head slowly as she turns and looks at him, walking slowly back towards him she speaks softly, "Come now, no frowning, think of this as simply a short vacation from being a nobleman and all the it intitles." Smiling up at him she stops in front of him, amusement playing in her eyes. "Do I have to wipe that frown from your lips?"

"Hmm?" He blinks, rather surprised at her words. "Oh, right. A vacation!" He says with a grin. "That would be pleasing. How did you get here? Carriage?" He asks, glancing about momentarily, about the woods. The sounds of beauty and nature can be heard echoing between the trees, and he stretches. "It is a rather nice place to relax, I think." [Vlad]

Lily shakes her head, "No, not a carriage, I rode my horse a carriage wouldn't work out here very well." Stepping back from him she blushes a pale red as she watches him, before reaching up on tip toes and kisses his cheek once more. "Now no more frowning, or such things, we'll both have to go back to reality soon enough as it is." Smiling she lowers herself down to the ground once more looking up at him amusement playing in her blue eyes.

Blinks again and makes a face as she kisses him, "Reality?" He asks, realizing he had nearly fallen completely into the dream. This had awoken him again, "What do you mean?" He ponders now, if she realized that this was a dream, if she somehow turned her dream into a consciousness. "I'm frowning no longer" He speaks fervently, and proud, though his cheeks are tinted pink again. He rubs the back of his head, not sure how to react anymore towards her. [Vlad]

Lily frowns slightly up at him, "I simply meant that you would go back to being the Nobleman you are and I back to do what I must do to protect the Tower and everything even if others wish I didn't." Turning around she takes a few steps away, "I should not have done that I am sorry Vlad I shall not again." Crossing her arms as if to hug herself she pulls her cloak tightly around her as if she's cold now.

"Do not feel so bad" He says with a sparkle of a smile again, feeling relieved. "Reality is, you'll return to the tower, and be set off on a mission somewhere, and you'll passby Cairhien, make a show of asking me along, and being the noble I am, I cannot deny, and we'll have all the company we need." He says with a simple wink, before placing a hand on his hip, the other wiggling its index finger in a 'no-no' form of style. "I do not think you will mind so terribly. At least, it will not be as bad as you seem to feel it might" He says with a definate and solid nod. [Vlad]

Lily looks over her shoulder at him and laughs softly, "I would not think you would go if I asked you to join me in any of my missions, people would assume you were my Gaidin, and I'm not sure how much that would help you. But I will always welcome your company Vlad never forget that." Blushing slightly she turns away once again and looks up at the sky as she sighs softly.

Almost as if he had grown from the ground before her, he steps forward to meet her face, and smiles, "The reputation does not matter, but I am glad company will do you well. Lily." He grins, before nodding. "Any mission you have to offer, I'd be glad to join. To serve the light, and to give aid to the tower, and have you as company? There is little more to be asked" He replies, in kind, and gazes back towards the sky. "Name your deepest desires? Your sweetest dreams. Your greatest hopes." He speaks softly, "Mine has always been one thing, one simple thing... but to achieve it, is not so." [Vlad]

Lily looks at him and smiles warmly, "Most peoples deepest desires are simple things but hard to achieve. What is your deepest desire that is so hard to achieve?" Looking up at him she smiles warmly, "As for mine it use to be having my brother back, now I don't know what I would do if he was back. And to be away from my family, the first will never happen and teh secodn has already happened. Now I simply wish for someone I can trust."

"Oh? I hope you find someone, then" He says with a warm smile, gesturing she come with him, as he moves his way up a hill. "Come, you can see the world from up here" He says, and though the hill is rather small, it feels as though his words mean exactly what he says. "My dreams? To finally get enough trust and love from my people make a difference in the community. Help the poor, balance the rich. This is one of my many goals. I also want to visit the borderlands, and give the morale support to the men out there, who are dying for our sakes" His voice takes a more serious tone now, though it is still calming. [Vlad]

Lily follows him silently as he speaks, when he finishes she remains silent for a moment. "I know you will do what you wish to do Vlad. Your dreams will come true, I have faith in you. As for mine, I know of someone I can trust but I can not bond him so I can not keep him with me to help me always. So maybe someday I'll find another, we shall see. But till that time I'll drag you with me and even after if you allow me to." Grining she watches him with amusement in her eyes and something else, that might be considered curiousity.

"You are out of uniform, so I'll have to ask, which ajah did you finally settle for?" He inquires, raising a simple brow and smiles, "You never know what might happen in the future" He says with a simple gesture, and then slips off the hill and landing on his butt, causing him to slide down and make a face as he comes to a stop. "Well so much for grace and poise, eh? At least I got drama" He comments, but he makes no move to stand or wipe himself off. "I'm sure my dreams will come true eventually, and Lily?" He speaks in gentler tones, "I would be delighted to go on adventures before and after you find a bonehead that knows how to swing a sword" [Vlad]

Lily laughs as he slides down the hill as she walks slowly to where he landed. "A bonehead huh...well does that make you one since at a time when I was a Novice I wished to see if I could make you my Gaidin." Laughing softly still she pulls her cloak back to reveal her green shawl. I decided on the Green Ajah, and I would be honored and delighted to have you join me on my missions."

Vlad blinks slightly, and gains a look of confusion at her words, before peering behind himself, and up at her again. "Surely I am a bonehead, but what might drag your thoughts towards me being a gaidin? Neither do I have the skill nor the training it would require. I'm simply a spoiled boy with too much coin, and a habit of sharing. These qualities, a protector, do not make" He says a loud, though, by his glazing look, he speaks to himself, and ponders her words to his own mind. He lays there, looking the fool, covered in dirt, and shakes his head looking to her, "What might I have done, to have gained the honor of your interest, Lily of the Green" He says the end with a bit of a twinkle in his eye.

Lily shakes her head slowly, "I do not now, perhapes when we first met you striked me as someone who would protect. And things just went from there. Do not worry I will not ask you to even consider it, you are a nobleman and you have things that you must do as a Lord that you could not as a Gaidin. And Vlad you are more then a spoiled boy with too much coin. But then maybe you just do not see what some others see in you." Sitting down next to him she smiles at him and lays her hand on his thigh for a moment.

"Bah, what else do I do? I dress in fancy clothes, and I toss coin at those who need it, and offer home. Rumours spread that those Kin of Riatin want me dead, and my Kin in Tear do not welcome me back. I am stuck in a city where I do not know if anybody cares for me, save a small few." He seems rather disappointed now, his hand reaching out and touching hers, holding it tightly. "I desire to protect, but I do not think I can." He smiles faintly at her words, now, and glances up at her, with full eyes. "I am not fit to be Gaidin, but I assure you that should you pass by Cairhien for help, I will be glad to assist you." [Vlad]

Lily turns her hand over and laces her fingers through his squeezing his hand softly. "There are always those that care for you Vlad and always know I am one of them, for what that is worth. Being Aes Sedia doesn't earn me many points in people liking me much. But for what its worth I'll always be willing to help you. And you have a desire to protect that is good, you could do a good job of it if you simply trained to. If you ever saw fit to...though I think that might nto be for you, or you would have gone down that path already."

"Mm... I'd go down that path if I knew that it had more restrictions than benefits. I can help just as equally without following the rules of the tower, if not more." He says quietly, before looking towards the north, feeling this sense of dread touch his heart. "If you learned of my darkest secrets, things that frighten most people, would you keep it secret? Keep it to your death, and beyond? Never allow anyone to know of it, and survive?" He frowns now, his tone taking a far serious tone. "One that could oust you into trouble?" [Vlad]

Lily turning slowly towards him her hand still twined with his she gives it a small squeeze. "Vlad you can tell me anything and I swear I would never tell another soul unless you said I could. I trust you and if something is troubling you, know you can always talk to me. Just because I'm an Aes Sedai now doesn't mean I'm any less your friend. And if you need I'd swear an oath to never tell." Tilting her head slowly to the side she watches him closely.

"Ah... well... it might make a difference here. I have talents. Great talents, that could match and best most other men. Or woman." He adds as an after-thought, emitting a sigh. He seems hesitant to speak of it, and grows quiet for a second, then shakes his head. "There are many secrets about a nobleman, and this one more so." He pushes himself up to his feet now, and wipes himself off, emitting a slight sigh. "Perhaps I should not, it is a burden, especially on one such as yourself. A sedai." He emphasizes on the end part, as if to offer a hint. [Vlad]

Lily shakes her head slowly as she lifts her hand with his own still laced with hers. Looking him in the eyes she smiles sadly. "I will not force you to tell me but I wish you would be willing to share your secret with me. Though if you ever are willing to share it I will be here to listen to what you say. And I have burdens and I knwo how to live with them. Though if I could not speak of your secret that would not be a burden I do not believe. It is something important to you or you would not have brought this up. Remember I will be here to listen whenever you are ready to speak of it, if you ever are. If not I willnot hold it against you, I am still here and still your friend. Just as you are mine when you learned of my secret. And you didn't stop being my friend because you learned I could channel, most would have made as if they didn't know me, as if I was never a friend. For that alone I would keep whatever secret you had." Smiling slightly she watches hims waiting for any kind of reaction.

"It is only that as a Sedai you are sworn to uphold certain ideals, to commit to certain acts, and my telling you my secret may become a burden upon oaths, and cause you emit secrets that may earn you pain. It is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of the suffering you may receive, and that is not something I desire upon you. You were ever so sweet, and kind when we first met, and when you left, I think of you still." He realizes again that he is in her dream, what he was about to do, he nearly gave away his secret... and yet there was this longing, to let her know, to feel the comfort of the tower, of a friend. So few knew, and so many who did had died. Would she suffer such a grave fate? [Vlad]

Lily smiles warmly, "I still think of you very fondly you must knwo that after what I've already said. And I know its not about trust Vlad, or you would have never mentioned it at all. You do not wish to cause me any kind of paina nd that is sweet of you. But I am an Aes Sedai now and I can handle myself and what comes towards me. I may have no Gaidin at this time but I can protect myself. Your secret can not be so horrible that it would cause me pain or anything. It is a secret we all have them it is our life. But there are times when you need to share the secret with someone you care about. As I said I will not force you Vlad, but I will be here when you wish to tell me, if you ever do. I wont lie I do wish to know your secret but only if you will give it freely." Squeezing his hand softly as if to reassure him she smiles warmly at him.

Stands silent, holding her hand thoughtfully before turning to gaze far away, his brows drawing together into a knit. "I have a couple. Do you know what a dreamer is, by any chance?" He inquires of her, looking towards her soul, seeking for truth. For safety. He felt afraid, and it was a terrible feeling. One he thought he had taught himself to feel no longer, some time ago. He breathes a small sigh. [Vlad]

Lily continues to watch him as she thinks on his question, "I believe I've heard the term before maybe in a conversation or a book while i was studying but no I do not know what a dreamer is." Falling silent for a moment she looks down atthe joined hands before looking back up at him. "Just what is a Dreamer Vlad?"

Counfusion fills her eyes for a moment as she listens to his words and then as she thinks on them. "So your saying we are in a dream right now, this isn't happening right now, and I'll not remember when I wake?" Taking a small breathe she remains calm as she watches him the confusion fading from her eyes. "For some reason I think i have read something on this but it escapes me right now. But if I really wont remember this when I wake if what you say is true. This doesn't feel like a dream, but then how would I know. Tell me the rest Vlad, as you said I wont remember." Tilting her head ever so slightly she watches him her face showing nothing of what shes feeling but her eyes reflex the trust she has in him. [Lily]

He shakes his head, "You may remember it. It'll be as a real dream, you remember some of it, usually, and vaguely.. other times you remember all of it. But it is real, I stepped into your dreams. I could awake you now... I actually expected you to become angry that I invaded your thoughts" He says softly, though when she seemed calm, he continues, "After this, I think I will leave... I will hold you to your oath." He says quietly, as if expecting acknowledgement. [Vlad]

Laughs softly, "Why would I be angry with you Vlad, I was thinking of you anyways, you asked when you first came if what woudl fade. You are far away and I thought I would never see you again and yet I still think of you and still wished to see you if only for a moment. Youwere the first person to help me and I'm grateful for that and I've come to care for you. I would not be angry at you for allowing me to see you again. And I do hope I remember what has happened here if this is all a dream. And if you wish to leave I wont stop you though I wish you wouldn't just yet." [Lily]

Vlad nearly laughs, and issues her a warm hug, and claps. "You are so accepting of the strange. Not many know of my abilities." His mirth fades immediately as he says this, and comments dryly, "And here comes my darker secret. Brace yourself" He says with a bitter smile, and waits for her to brace, though he speaks before he is even sure if she is prepared. "Watch." He says, before filling himself with the darkness, and soon the earth splits beneath his feet, and fire begins to float about, spreading outward. A tree ignites, and from the cracks in the earth, water begins to pour, and then it all vanishes, as though never happening. "This." He says slowly, "Is my hidden talent." His voice is choked, as if though the taint were burying him.

Lily blinks and watches as the ground splits and fire emerges, standing she looks around before looking back to Vlad. Surprise showing in her eyes though her face remains calm. "You did that Vlad?" Before even letting him answer she continues speaking. "You cannel you can do what i can do, but then your stronger then I am." Laughing she drops to her knees again and looks up at him a small smile on her lips. "I've been told all males that can channel should die. But I don't want you dead. That all men who can channel should be brought back to the Tower. But I don't want you to go there either if it means they would try and harm you. If I remember this I promise never to tell no matter what Vlad. It is strange to know youcan channel, but I'm not afraid of you or wish any harm to you. And I will still be here for you"

Frowning at her words, he draws her up by her hands again and shakes his head, "This is why I did not want you to know. I know you will keep it hidden, but it goes against what all people are taught. That we are to be feared, that we bring only death. I hope this does not hurt you. Does not burden you. I do have to go now, however. Morning will be coming, and I get little rest doing this." He takes her hands and places them to his chest. "Take care of yourself. I will try to visit you when I can." And with that, Vlad does begin to fade away, his thankful smile, and his almost cheerful expression to her reaction. "Be well. Always" [Vlad]

Lily smiles up at Vlad as her hands touch his chest. "Do not worry about tellign me, I hope that I do remember when I wake. It will not burden me. Just because a few are bad doesn't mean all of you are. Go and get some sleep but Vlad do come back and visit." Reaching up on her tip toes she kisses him lightly on the lips. "Stay safe and don't feel bad for telling me. Remind me again when we meet in person again incase I don't remember. We will go from there, I know what you are and who you are as much as you'll let me and do not worry about me. No one will know of your secret from me."