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Submitted By: Lenaay
All Characters Involved: Lenaay, Miriana

Submitted Log

A Staircase
An open door stands to the west, leading to the Novice gallery. The polished, white stone steps stretch up and down from the landing. A matching pair of golden lampstands sit on the landing, here.
A small green lizard is here, looking for bugs to eat.

Miriana comes walking up the stairs in a quick and efficient stride heading towards one of the doors, she stops when she sees the petitioner she met earlier wearing the white of a novice. She walks over to her and says "Hey there. I thought you said you were not going to become a novice?" She smiles at her.

The woman leans somewhat against the wall as she climbs the stairs, until she recognises a familliar face. She smiles wryly as she remembers what happened not too long ago, the enormous pages of the Book of Novices bearing her name in them. "So many floors, and I happen to run into you. Figures." she grins with some relief. "And no, not if I could have helped it." she says with a smirk, glancing uneasily as the spotless white she is covered in. [Lenaay]

Miriana smiles back, "Where are you heading? I am just going to my room." She nods her head towards the door she was heading towards before. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions about all manner of things that the Aes Sedai and Accepted you have met so far did not answer, I know I had when I came here at first."

Although Miriana is hardly finished speaking when Lenaay is nodding already. "Pretty much. I am supposed to be heading to the novices chambers," she says and gesturing up the stairs, "when I find them atleast." she adds with a laugh. "All of these floors look alike, and are equally impressive." she sighs. [Lenaay]

"Well, come on then, this way." Miriana says as she heads towards the door, "Have you been assigned to a room yet? I know what you mean, it does take a while to learn your way around here." [Miriana]

Lenaay stares at Miriana with disbelief, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Are you pulling my leg here?" she asks suspiciously. "Surely the novices are somewhere... more run-down, less well-maintained?" she says, voicing her preconceptions about her new place of living. However, glancing at the girl as she seems to make the movement to the door without deliberation or the tell-tale mischievous grin, she follows. "No, I haven't been assigned one yet. I am supposed to find a novice who'd share a room with me." she says, quickly passing by on her earlier suspicion.

Miriana looks at the woman in confusion, shifting her gaze between her face and her leg, "No, I'm not pulling your leg. Would you not notice quite easily if I did?" she shakes her head before opening the door and leading the way in. "As for room, any with a free bed besides mine room would be fine I think, you want to go around and look?"

Smiling faintly, she realizes this girl may not have spent as much time reading books as she has. Very few of her age would have, probably. "Sorry, it's a saying." she offhandedly remarks before following after the girl. "Which reminds me, I don't think we have been formally introduced yet. my name is Lenaay Melaynem. Some call me Lenny." she adds in mock-disgust. "Such a boys name. Anyhow, I'd love to look around." [Lenaay]

The Walkway Through the Novice Gallery
The walkway around the Novice Gallery is a slowly winding ramp, going up and around. Novice rooms line the outside wall, all of the doors facing toward the center of the Tower and painted white. From all levels, over the railing that lines the walkway, a small courtyard in the middle, of the bottom floor of the gallery can be seen. Plain black iron lamps line the gallery at regular intervals along the walkway, casting light on the tiny white tiles that make up the floor, and the white stone of the bare walls.
A female tower guard is here, looking vigilant.

Miriana shrugs, "O-kay... My name is Miriana, Miriana Mahan, I'm quite often called Miriana as well as Tattletale, Aeskisser and other derogatory names." She walks and opens a door to a novice room, "Here is my room." The room shown is perfectly clean, not a spec of dust found anywhere, every thing in the room is laid out in perfect order and both beds are made to perfection.

Running her hand through her hair, Lenaay glances at Miriana and then into the room. "That sounds like you could use a friend." she replies rather casually, already having finished her inspection of the room. "Have you lived in this room alone for long?" she asks with more interest, perhaps with the curiousity of personal experience. [Lenaay]

Miriana nods, "I've lived here since first time I got here. Not much to it, it's just a room to sleep in." she closes the door after finishing showing the room and proceeds to show the other rooms. None of the rooms are what you could call sloppy, as that would be dealt with by the Aes Sedai, but still none of them comes even close to the perfect quality of Miriana's. Miriana's room is also by far the room with least amount of character and emotion, having no personal belongings on display or anything else showing it is lived in beside a couple of quills and parchments needed for classes.

The few rooms that did have their inhabitant there, were just that - rooms. The novices in them would glance at Lenaay and Miriana with a strange smirk on their face, although not for too long. Quite likely, rumours concerning Lenaay's visit to the Mistress of Novices were already running rampant, maybe even leaving the two women looking into the rooms as the only ones without a clue to this. None of the people in the rooms offered Lenaay the spare bed. [Lenaay]

"Well, I guess the call is up to you, which room are you going to stay in?" She leads the way back to her room and arrives there just in time to catch a gaggle of novices leaving the room. After they all run away from there Miriana enters the room to see her things thrown around and sand spread over the floor and between the sheets in the beds. Miriana takes a look at it and without a word proceeds to start cleaning it up. [Miriana]

Frowning slightly, Lenaay glances after the group of novices who quickly scatter into various rooms and around the corners of the hallways. Wordlessly, she walks in after Miriana and starts to help clean things up - starting with the vacant bed. One by one, she places things back the desks she believes they originated from, casually conversing as she goes along. "I don't think I want to spend my time around people ruining possessions and ridiculing people, just because they think it is fun." She sits down on the bed, taking a parchment from the desk and placing it on the floor. "I know there is something you're not too fond of about me, although I'm not sure what it is, but maybe we could give things a try? I'll adjust however I can." she suggests, brushing sand onto the parchment with her hand, before folding the parchment slightly. She lifts it up and brings the paper to the place the sand should be, tilting it and allowing a steady stream of sand to fall in its place again. [Lenaay]

Miriana shrugs, "Thank you for helping me, but be careful with what you touch, especially the bed and clothes, they almost always put itching powder there. They find it specially funny to do it while I'm away for lessons and then on my way to the next they pelt me with mud and I have no time to do anything about the itching powder..."

"I don't mind that at all." is Lenaay's lighthearted answer. Demonstratively, she lies down on the bed, although she does seem to take care that her feet and the sandals on them are still outside of it. "It's a good bed, better than mine at home." she comments with a far-away voice as her eyes glance at the ceiling. Suddenly she turns her head and glances at Miriana again. "I hope I won't cause you too much trouble, though." she adds, "At least, until the Aes Sedai heal me." The latter few words sound a bit uncertain as her voice wavers. [Lenaay]

Miriana says, "I'm sure they will heal you quite soon, they will after all want you to attend your classes and do your best in learning." she takes her clothes out of the closet and takes them gingerly in her arms. "I'll be right back." She says, "Just need to shake my clothes out to remove as much powder as I can." she turns to leave.

Lenaay sits up quickly. "Want some help with that? It might go faster with two - and so far, I haven't really got any other place to be yet." she says as she properly places her feet below her and stands up. She seems to sway a slight moment as she does so, and her arm lingers uncertainly below her against the bed for a few moments. "By the way, I heard white is all novices get to wear." The tone in her voice sounds somewhat appalled, but judging her appearance, and the clothes she wore before becoming a novice, that would make a strange and more so stark contrast.

Miriana shrugs, "If you think you are up for it." She leads the way to a balcony where she puts her pile of clothes on a bench and taking the clothes one by one and shaking them vigorously, both inside out and inside in. "This would have been much easier if I were allowed to use the one power." she says with a slight sigh.

"You're not?" Lenaay asks curiously, taking one of the clothes and following Miriana's motions as a light, dusty substance visibly starts to fall off and blow along in the wind. "I'd have thought they'd want you...", she says, pausing and awkwardly correcting herself, "us to have as much practice possible. Then again... I can't claim to see why they think I should be a novice here that much, either." she says, folding the garments in an efficient combination of two movements that fold the garment in a straight and uniform fashion, before placing it on a seperate pile not too far from the one with the itching powder in it. [Lenaay]

"They put you as a novice because either you can channel already or you can learn to channel. And the reason that they don't allow novices to use the one power without supervision is that it could be quite dangerous, one could kill oneself or burn out the ability to channel." [Miriana]

Picking up another garment, and falling into the repitition of shaking them out, she replies. "That is what my mind is telling me. But they say it is a very rare gift, and on top of that, with my health I would probably end up... burning up, you say?" she adds. [Lenaay]

Miriana shakes her head, "I don't think you will have much problem with channeling if you just put you mind to it and does as your teachers say. I did not mean burning up, I meant losing the ability to channel, that can happen if use try to use more of the power than you can handle."

Lenaay once again repeats the motion of folding the clothing, and casually continues her idle chatter. "I can't imagine everyone comes here by their own choice, though. Do they burn out often as a way to lose the interest of the Aes Sedai?" she asks, almost giving the idea she's been blissfully wrapped in innocence.

Miriana shakes her head, "Never heard of anyone doing that, I could not imagine ever wanting to not be able to channel, but I think it hard to understand until you have done channeled yourself." With all the clothes being finished she picks them up in her arms and starts walking back to her room.

After a few moments of thought, she nods as she brushes a hairlock away that the wind blew into her eyes. "It is. Actually being in close touch to the wheel must be a very strange experience. I -think-" she says, putting a lot of emphasis on the word, "that I should be making a run for it. My common sense tells me it can't actually be something I could handle." she says, her head wandering up towards the arches and tapestries as she follows Miriana. [Lenaay]

Miriana stops for a moment as she looks at Lenaay, "And just why would you think that you couldn't handle it, I'm quite sure you can. As I said before, as long as you work hard you will do just fine." she continues walking and when she arrives back to her room she holds the door open for Lenaay.

Lenaay shrugs her shoulders, quickly walking through and sitting on the bed again. "You haven't seen me struggling to lift a cup yet, Miriana. I know what it feels like to be dependant on others, I am reminded of it too often. I have no wish to increase the burden, and suddenly feel the majestic presence of One Power tugging at me, too. I'd get torn into pieces as if I were a bit of parchment." she grins, leaning back on her shoulders.

A Novice Room
Simplicity is the best word to describe this room. A small, plain bed is built against one wall, with a small bookshelf over the head of it. A small washstand sits in the corner, a three-legged stool sitting in front of it. The room is exceptionally neat and tidy, the few small personal effects of the occupant neatly tucked away and well organized. A few pieces of parchment are stacked on the shelf next to a pile of three books, an inkwell, and a small bottle of white sand.
A washtand of white porcelain sits here.

"Before you decide anything, make sure you know about what you are making the decision before you actually do i. She sits down on a chair. "And know that, if you run, the Aes Sedais will catch you, they catch every single person that runs." [Miriana]

An amused laugh sounds through the small room, and Lenaay quickly shakes her head. "Give me some credit, woman." she smiles. "I've been in Tar Valon a week before I came here. For one reason... I wanted to know what I might be getting myself into, how unlikely it might have seemed at the time. If there's anything people made sure to tell me, it was not to run after I made my decision - something everyone seems to assume." she says, giving Miriana a funny look. [Lenaay]

Lenaay shrugs slightly, the only acknowledgement of her actually seeming to accept that she did indeed, choose to be here.

Miriana smiles, "Well, that's good to know." she turns towards her desk and looks through her parchments, checking how many that are ruined from the 'harmless prank' of the other novices. Splitting the parchments up in four piles, one for blank, one for fine and one for ruined and the last pile is just a list of 'missing' ones that she has to write out from memory.

Glancing at the papers and the various piles that are collecting, Lenaay seems to realize something. A few moments pass as she glances at the various papers, and she softly says, "Given your reputation, I don't think you'd have any issues telling on me if I broke a rule or such." The brushing of papers sliding over eachother as well as the occasional crackle seperates the words from an absolute silence. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't." is the only thing that follows, although it seems there is more Lenaay wanted to add. [Lenaay]

Miriana shurgs as she gets her writing supplies ready. "That depends on what rules you break, for example, if I catch you channeling without permission and supervision then I would report it right away to an Aes Sedai."

"That won't happen." The words sound harsh, and it doesn't take a lot of insight into people to hear the offense that rings through them. "If I break rules, I turn myself in. 'A beggar can find a silver crown in the mud, but can not avoid the rope if people spot him spending it.'" This sounds like a cite from some righteous book, probably a book that was written in under Whitecloak influence. Lenaay takes a shallow-sounding breath, pausing a moment."I will always try to find the owner of that crown. Likewise, I will undergo punishment when I break rules, even if I don't realize it at the time." she says calmly, trying too hard to banish the anger from her preaching voice. "If I can not take responsibility for my own actions, what good is it to live?" A poetic wisdom of sorts. [Lenaay]

Miriana nods, "It looks like we might even get along. So... have you decided what room you are going to stay in?" She finishes rewriting her second parchment and puts it into the pile with the other okay ones. "If you decide to stay here you have to keep in mind that you might stay by your self for most of your novice time, as I think I am about to be tested for accepted."

"If you'll have me." Lenaay grins. "By now, your reputation probably brushed off on me already. And as I think I might have said before: I don't want to spend up being roomed with simple-minded girls who take pleasure in ruining someones hard work." she adds as she lies down with a deep sigh. She absent-mindedly kicks her sandals off before placing her feet properly on the bed. "So, can you let me know when I cross the wrong lines?" she asks, stifling a yawn. [Lenaay]

Miriana nods, "If I see you do it, of course I will. Now, if you have any questions you want to ask go ahead, and if there is something from future lessons that you need explained from a different perspective or using other words feel free to come to me and I'll see what I can do to help."

Lenaay shakes her head slightly, conveniently using the momentum to flatten her pillow a bit. "Do I just wait to find out what is expected of me, or am I supposed to go somewhere next? I've seen plenty of people work, but all I had to do was find a place to stay. And it seems I was succesful." she says, stifling a yawn again.

"Don't worry about work, you will be called when you are wanted, and that will probably start tomorrow, so I suggest you settle down, get your things in order and learn how to keep your room, our room I guess, in order." [Miriana]

Unable to stifle it this time, she opens her mouth and yawns heartily. "After a nap, I'll get everything from the inn I was staying at. I'll also clean up. Bah, I'm so tired all of a sudden." she complains more in annoyance with herself than anything else. "This happens to me often, by the way." she remarks with a faint grin. "When it's really bad, I'm stuck in bed for days like this. It is what I hope to be cured of." [Lenaay]

"I really hope for your own wellbeing that you don't snore when you sleep." Miriana says emphatically. [Miriana]

"That takes too much energy." is the witty retort Lenaay replies with. She closes her eyes, and soon her breathing calms down as she dozes off. [Lenaay]