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Submitted By: Isaeas
All Characters Involved: Isaeas, Bree

Submitted Log

A Small Grassy Hill
The tall, cool grasses sway gently in the wind, surmounting the soft soil. The level of earth here is several grades higher than the surroundings, giving a clear view of what lies to the east: rolling waves of swaying, endless grasslands and a small pond, its waters glistening like diamonds in what light there is, pure and pristine. The brisk breezes sway the tops of the grasses like waves of the sea, cool and revitalizing as a rushing brook in winter.

The sun hangs high over the grassy hill a couple of leagues north of Cairhien, its brilliant rays shining down upon earth below. An extremely slim man paces back and forth from one side of the main hill, stamping down the grass that he walks over, creating an easily noticeable path. It appears that the man has been at this for hours as the green grass no longer even attempts to spring back up anymore, simply laying crushed in a path. The man is muttering to himself as he walks, his hands swinging this way and that. [Isaeas]

Bree Sedai rides a healthy mare easily her dresses and normal skirts gone now leaving grey leathers and silk. A sungwood staff lays over the pommel of her saddle as the horse trots along at a smooth path.

Isaeas continues to pace back and forth along the hilltop, his dark green eyes taking turns sweeping the southern horizon as he paces one way, then the northern horizon as he paces the other. He had not yet stopped muttering to himself the entire time that he continued upon his methodical pacing, until the second he saw something approaching from the north. At that very moment he silences himself, his dark green orbs locking onto the single rider. His eyes narrow for a moment as he seems to try and get a closer look at whomever it is, but after a moment his eyes open fully once more. A slight sense of dread fills the area after a second, a sense so deeply rooted in the back of a human's mind that anyone that cannot channel Saidin would never even be able to recognize it. Those dark green eyes of his seem to sharpen as he looks closer at the rider, a sickly looking grin upon his face as his mouth moves, muttering once more.

Spotting a man on the horizion her light blue eyes peer hard toward him then along the path noting no Horses or signs of travel. A slight frown curved her lips. Steering her horse so that it will travel wide of the man she kept a calm eye on him now angling away from him but still forward. [Bree]

For a moment the man does nothing but stare at the rider, the sickly smile that was on his face turning into a look of pure anger and hate. His nose flares slightly as he glares at her, those dark green orbs of his never leaving her body. As she moves to travel to the side of him he turns with her, those cold, hard deep emerald green eyes seeming to never waver. [Isaeas]

Bree Sedai watched the mans gaze follow her it's weight laying heavy on her. She stopped the horse slowly and turns to face the man. They were now no more than 30 yards apart Saidar filled her as she embraced the source a halo of light enveloping her form her eyes narrowing on the man as she now looks at him. Patting the horse on the neck she watches him calmly now as well.

When the woman embraces Saidar the man shivers slightly, small goosebumps becoming visible on his skin to his eyes, should he look at them. Yet, his eyes are set with such determination upon the woman that if looks could kill, she would be a pile of ash right now. He takes a couple of steps closer to the woman, speaking as he does so, "You are Sedai." He looks her over for a second longer, the burning rush of Saidin flowing through his body, trying to destroy him from the inside, but the pure ecstasy of life makes it all worth it. He holds his grasp on the power in an iron tight fist as he looks at her, "You are the one who wants me dead." His accent has visibly changed this time, to something far more grander than his previous words, "Then do it."

A delicate eyebrow slowly creeps up as she leans back in her saddle and frowns. While she speaks Flows of air as well as spirit and fire form "I am not a Sister I'm afraid... Why would I want you dead?" he says calmly as the the flows of air snap into place forming a blind of air upon the man. The same instant flows of air began to be rewoven the flows of spirit and fire a merely second from snapping into place held at bay by Bree Sedai herself. [Bree]

Your skin tingles momentarily.
You weave a moderate flow of spirit supported by a small flow of fire into a sharp wedge.
You slice Bree's airblind.
You are no longer blinded.

Just before the woman's flows of Air snap into place the man skillfully weaves flows of Air and Fire into a razor sharp edge slicing through her attempt to blind him. He cackles at the woman's attempt, a maniacal laughter, but he stops this quickly, his eyes snapping to look at the rider. "Ye do no be a Sedai, eh? Then it be turn." His accent has changed once more now, though the man seems to not have noticed. Before the words are even out of his mouth large flows of Air come together, winding between each other until they for a solid block of Air. With the slightest gesture of his hand the block of Air moves to slam into the chest, attempting to fling her several feet off the horse. [Isaeas]

You weave a moderate flow of air into a club.
Your skin tingles momentarily.
Bree fails to slice the flows.
Your club of condensed air EVISCERATES Bree!

Hurled from the horse she lands with a thud several yards away. Gritting her teeth she looks up at the man from the ground flows lost by the surprise of the impact reappear in a flash as twin columns of fire slam down onto him the heat from their flames burning enough to make her skin feel dry even from this distance. She begins to stands up. [Bree]

Your skin tingles momentarily.
You weave a moderate flow of air about yourself.
You form a protective shield of air around yourself.
Your barrier holds, absorbing the attack.

Your skin tingles momentarily.
Your barrier holds, absorbing the attack.

Glancing up above him he grins widely as he notices the column of fire quickly descending upon him. He does not move in even the slightest, instead, he spreads his arms outwards as he weaves together a thick netting of Air around his entire body, reinforcing it with skillfully placed threads of Air flowing through the shield. The fire seems to consume the man, wrapping around his shield and incenerating the ground outside of his shield. When the second one slams down on him the heat seems to grow to unbearable levels. After a few seconds the fires die out and the man still stands there, his arms outstretched, not a single drop of sweat on his horribly scarred face. Even the grasses directly under him remain untouched. The man walks over towards the woman, shaking his head, the grim smile of a murderer on his face. "And they do say you Sedai be strong. I suppose it is all lies. Let me show you how to truly start a fire." Thick flows of Fire and Air move through the area, threads thicker than some men's arms come together to form a netting around the immediate area. He doesn't allow these to snap into place quite yet, though, his weaving is not yet done. He channels immense flows of Fire intertwining with flows of Air straight into the sky. Even with as thick as the multitude of threads are he weaves them in and out like the best of craftsmen. Once that flow is finished he looks at the woman, smiling and says, "It begins." [Isaeas]

Bree feels a sense of dread fill her as he speaks standing up she sighs softly letting Saidar rush into her pushing her limits as weaves spring into existance in a hasty manner flows of fire and air and more fire and more air as pick as some of the ogiers hands spin about the area in blurr as she seems to relax standing she looks cooly at the man. "Hmm?" she says raising an eyebrow as flows of fire are held from forming into the hell fire that will come.

You weave a huge flow of fire supported by air to form a firestorm.
Bree's barrier crumples inward leaving her vulnerable to attack.
Your firestorm *** ANNIHILATES *** Bree!
Bree is DEAD!

Fire and rock rains down from the heavens, the air seeming to become fire itself, scorching anything and everything around. Isaeas stands behind of his airshield laughing maniacally as he watches everything around disintegrate with the sheer heat that he has caused. He allows his secondary weave to drop as he greedily observes the destruction. Bree's airshield could not withstand the might of the weave, crumbling inwards at the sheer heat and firey death that crashes down from the skys. Another couple of seconds and it is all over, fire and brimstone no longer descending, the air no longer the heat of the Pit of Doom. Isaeas casually walks through the area, an invisible shield of air keeping all the mayhem away from him. He moves to where the Aes Sedai had been, searching for several moments, digging through the ashes and rubble. Finally a sparkle of gold and there it is, the Golden Serpent ring. The man cackles once more as he finds it, sliding it onto his finger as he walks away from the carnage he has left in his wake. "She asked for it." is all he says as he walks off.