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Submitted By: Fliss
All Characters Involved: Fliss, Tessia

Submitted Log

The classroom looked much the same as it did the last time the novices were in it. A large oak desk with books piled here and there, and the desks all pointing to the front of the classroom. The students Fliss would have today would be the ones she had the previous day, with the exception of a couple who were serving out punishments. Sun filtered into the room, quietly warming the atmosphere as it caressed the floor and desks nearest the windows. The clock ticked as before, a muted sound with in the deep silence that filled the room. That was until a gaggle of white dresses entered the room, but this time instead of gabbing on, they too were quiet. They had learned that Fliss Sedai might actually be inside the room as she had been during the previous lesson. So silently they found their seats, glancing at the desk and wall of books on it. The girls would be mistaken this time however, the Aes Sedai was not sitting at the desk and there would be no one to hear their conversations. [Fliss]

She entered the room with the same sly smile that usually resided upon her face. Her hair was done up high on her head and held by two red sursa with loose strands arranged to fall around the the crown of her head. She walked in briskly and took a spot near the front of the classroom and folded her hands into her lap to wait patiently [Tessia]

Fliss Sedai actually rushed quickly through the corridors of the Tower, her eyes seeming to brush past the curtseying Novices and Accepted who crossed her path. In fact she didn't seem to see any of them, her pace a brisk walk of determination. She had gotten lost in research in the library and had completely forgotten about her class until she saw the time. This accounted for her current stature and demeanor, but despite everything, she looked as regal as any Aes Sedai in the halls, her short strides graceful as she hurries. She would arrive after all the students were in their seats, most looking forward at the desk, as if waiting for the Aes Sedai to pop her head out of the books at any second. Instead she stops outside of the door, smoothing her skirts, adjusting her shawl and patting the bun at the nape of her neck before opening the door and entering. She was pleasantly surprised at the hush that seemed to engulf the room and many of the girls gave a start when they noticed she was not behind the desk, but had just entered. "Good day to you all, I am glad to see such shining faces." The smile she gave the girls was genuine, her eyes going over each face as she moved to the front of the classroom. [Fliss]

"Good Morning Fliss Sedai" she answered followed by many of the novices. "What will we be learning of today Fliss Sedai?". A slight wince appeared on her face as if wanting to take the question back, not sure yet if it was proper to be so forward with an Aes Sedai. [Tessia]

As a few of the girls greeted her with "Good Morning Fliss Sedai", the Brown Sister smiled happily, seeing they had learned something from their earlier class with her. Those who did not greet her properly or at all she gave longer stares, as if chastising them with out ever saying a word. The question did not go unnoticed, and Tessia was fixed with a gaze that was chilling compared to the normal warmth of the Brown's eyes. "Ever impatient I see. It is good to be excited and eager to learn, but remember the rules you were taught. I am more forgiving than some Aes Sedai. Others would have you switched for speaking so freely, others would truss you up and send you directly to the Mistress of Novices. Do not forget your place in the Tower, that might very well be the first and most important rule you will ever learn." As she said the last part, her eyes swept over the entire class, making sure those azure eyes pierced every novice in the room. When the girls looked sufficiently frightened, the Aes Sedai spoke once more. "Today, our class will be just as important as your Etiquette class. We will be discussing and learning about the structure of the Tower and the Hierarchy with in it. For those of you who have come prepared with paper and quills, I would urge you to take notes, for those who did not . . . I suggest you pay close attention." [Fliss]

Since she had expected the rebuke she did her best to take it in stride. Forcing herself to not glance at the other novices she calmly, albiet somewhat meekly extracted a paper and quills from the small leather bag sitting next to her on the floor. [Tessia]

The Brown Sister tapped her chin thoughtfully, staring above the girl's heads for a moment before she refocused on the room. Then she began in the same motherly voice the girls were used to. "I think I will start from top to bottom, to give you a better idea of where Novices stand. Like a mountain, the tower has those on top and those on bottom. Each rock is important to the over all structure of the mountain, but the rocks at the top are supported by those under it. At the top of our mountain . . . or Tower if you will, is the Amyrlin Seat. You will only address her as Mother when you speak to her, which will not be very often, and perhaps not at all while you are a novice. She is an Aes Sedai of every Ajah and no Ajah. She deserves your utmost respect and it would be unwise to ever cross her. The Amyrlin rules over all Aes Sedai from her seat with in the Hall of the Tower. The Hall of the Tower is made up of the Amyrlin herself, the Keeper of the Chronicles and three representatives called 'Sisters', from each Ajah." The Aes Sedai paused for a moment, letting the girls catch up with their writing. [Fliss]

She scribbled furiously as the Aes Sedai spoke, pausing only to chew the top of her quill from time to time. With a single glance it was obvious she intended to make up for her outburst with sheer work intensity. [Tessia]

When Fliss Sedai is satisfied the students had taken sufficient notes, she continues, her slender feet carrying her absently around the room as she talks. "The Amyrlin is elected to the Amyrlin Seat for life by the Hall of the Tower. You will know the Amyrlin by the stole of her office, as it is marked with all seven colors of the Ajahs. Second in authority is the Keeper of the Chronicles, who is chosen by the Amyrlin upon her ascension to the Amyrlin Seat. The Amyrlin is rarely seen with out the Keeper of the Chronicles and you will know the Keeper by her stole as well. Though it is the color of her Ajah, she also represents no Ajah, and speaks for the Amyrlin , who of course represents all Aes Sedai. The Keeper is also the Amyrlin's secretary and oversees the official business of the White Tower." Again she stops speaking, her eyes a bit distant as if she were lost in the information. The girls would find out that this was the problem with being taught by a Brown Sister. There is a silence in the room as the girls write, the only sound being the ticking of the clock and the scratching of quills on parchment. [Fliss]

Staying focus on her paper she continued to write line after line of notes. Occasionally pausing to ponder information or glance at the Brown Sister. In the top portion of her paper a simplist sketch of what she thought the Amyrilns stole might appear. [Tessia]

After a longer pause than before, Fliss seems to regain a bit of her sense back and blinks, realizing that everyone had finished writing. Smiling she nods her head and continues with her slow circle around the class room, her voice breaking the silence. "I did forget to mention, if you have any questions, please raise your hand and I will call on you accordingly." Before anyone could pose a question however, the woman begins in again. "After the Keeper are the Sitters of the Hall and from there Aes Sedai. Once you are fully raised to the shawl, your rank will be determined by a few factors. For instance, your strength in channeling, as well as how long you were a Novice or Accepted and of course how long you have been an Aes Sedai. Each Aes Sedai can be distinguished by what Ajah they are in from what color their shawl is. Mine is Brown, because I am a member of the Brown Ajah. There are Seven Ajahs in the Tower, Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow, Gray, and White. The Red Ajah's primary goal is to protect the land from Male Channelers, who will all eventually go insane and die. But, usually not before they inflict much damage to those around them, which is why the Red Ajah finds and stills these poor souls. The Blue Ajah are the political administrators of the Tower. They focus on worthy causes that benefit the Tower and the land. The Brown Ajah preserves knowledge through history and research. We are primarily responsible for obtaining and preserving books, scrolls and any other bits we can find to help preserve our history. The Green Ajah is fondly referred to as the battle Ajah, they hold themselves and prepare themselves for Tarmon Gai'don . . . the Last Battle with the Dark One. The Yellow Ajah devotes themselves to healing sickness and injury as well as discovering new cures and methods to restore health. The Gray Ajah are mediators and help to insure treaties between Kingdoms that will hold. And, last is the White Ajah is mainly engrossed with philosophy and the search for truth. Many White Sisters can be determined by their cold logic in that search. Now are there any questions?" She stops at the head of the class again, having made the full circle back to the beginning, her hands folding at her waist as she waits quietly. [Fliss]

After listening intently and writing detailed notes while listening she first glance around the room to see who would be the first to ask a question. Seeing no hands yet raised she slowly and with obvious trepedation raised her hand. [Tessia]

Fliss Sedai smiles and nods to Tessia, a thin hand lifting to coax her into talking. "Go ahead Child, what is it you have a question about?" The Brown Sister's head tilts to the side, her blue eyes seeming to study the Novice like a bird might a worm. Under that gaze the girl might get the impression she was being stripped, weighed and measured . . . and she would be quite correct in that assumption.

Looking down at her notes as if gathering her thought together she look up at the face of the instructing Aes Sedai, "How are the Sitters of the Hall for each Ajah chosen?" [Tessia]

"That is a very good question Child, the specific Ajahs pick the Aes Sedai who will represent their Ajah as Sitters. And, just like each Ajah has its own internal hierarchy, it too has its own rules and regulations for becoming a Sitter of its respected color." She smiled and glanced out into the room again. "Anyone else?" [Fliss]

Glancing around at the rest of the class she took notes on their questions and the results of those questions. Her notes beginning to add up quite quickly. [Tessia]

When she was sure there were no more questions, the Aes Sedai continued. "You will have a hierarchy with in your selected Ajah as I just mentioned. There is always a leader of your Ajah and it is not necessarily a Sitter. But, moving down . . . below the general population of Aes Sedai are Accepted, which are noted by a white dress with a band of the seven Ajah colors at the hem. As explained yesterday, you are to obey an Accepted as quickly as you would an Aes Sedai. Accepted have a bit more freedom than Novices, and that is when you will begin exploring which Ajah you will want to be in. And, last but not least the very base of our mountain is you all, our Novices. You of course are denoted by your white dresses and an over abundance of classes and chores." A gentle smile is given to the girls as she says the last bit, her eyes dancing over them until she begins again. "Though there are others in the Tower, this is the hierarchy of the Aes Sedai. You will find in punishments and chores that you will have to take orders from cooks, maids and even the lowliest of stable boys if it is thought you need such treatment. Gaidin of course are to be given respect but the Trainees are to be left alone. You have too much studying and work to do to worry about boys." She gave them a wink before turning back to her desk, her voice asking once more. "Anyone have questions?" [Fliss]

She let a novice or two have their turn with the Aes Sedai before raising her hand and again waiting patiently to be called upon. [Tessia]

The Aes Sedai calls upon each novice in turn of who's hand was up first and when she notices Tessia's hand up again she smiles, motioning for her to speak again. "Go ahead Child, what is your question?" Leaning back against the edge of her desk, the Brown Sister fixes her with the same piercing gaze, her azure eyes full of curiosity. [Fliss]

Once again she checks her notes quickly and gathers herself before speaking, "When or .... if we are lucky enough to be raised to accepted how do we individually choose our Ajahs?" [Tessia]

A smile drifts across the Aes Sedai's face at the question and she studies the Novice for a moment before letting her pale eyes shift over the entire class of white dresses. "Unfortunately that is not something I can tell you. Each Accepted must figure out on their own which Ajah they would best belong in. I can no more tell you how you should fix your hair or which books you should like to read. You have years yet to worry about what life as an Accepted will be like. And, years after that to worry about what Ajah you will best fit in. Each Child in this room needs to think about what is inside them, their strengths and weaknesses and which Ajah would best suit those attributes . . . as well as your own individual personalities. I chose the Brown Ajah for many reasons. Before I came to the Tower I was a scribe, I grew up around books and knowledge . . . as my father was also a scribe. For me it was almost pre-woven into the pattern that I should be a Brown. Unfortunately it is not always so clear of a path. But, again . . . you have years to worry about that decision. Anyone else?" [Fliss]

Again she patiently listened to each novice ask their question and took notes on each person question and the following response. [Tessia]

As the number of hands that were being raised slowed to a halt, the Aes Sedai smiles and nods her head. "If that will be all, then that concludes our lesson on the Hierarchy of the Tower. I hope it was not too boring for you all and I hope you will keep in mind what we talked about to day . . . and put it into practice starting now. I will see you all later I am sure, especially those who have a class with me in the next few days on the One Power. And, with out further ado, class is dismissed." Smiling at the girls she pushes her slender frame off the desk and very gracefully moves to the door, opening it and watching as the girls filter out into the hall. [Fliss]

She left the room slowly obviously still working to minimize her normal hip swaying Domani walk. Pausing at the exit door she turn to face the Brown sister and gave her best curtesy, "Thank you for the lesson Fliss Sedai" and made her way out [Tessia]

Fliss smiles at the Novice and nods her head. "Of course Child. If you have any questions later about the lesson, you can always come ask me." Giving her a small motion of her hand she waits till the girl is gone before closing the door and returning to her desk. There she would go back to toiling with the scrolls and books on her very cluttered desk.