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Submitted By: Jalom
All Characters Involved: Jalom, Sheawyn, Rienne, Marellein

Submitted Log

The Playing Game Inn is barricaded from the inside with several city guardsmen and a few armed citizens manning the door and windows. Jalom and his whitecloaks are also present for a short time as they saw this location being hammered by the rioters and moved in to assist. The exit to the stables is secure and the easiest way in and out. Inside the dark room with only flickering candles for light the air is hot and stuff with the room overcrowd with panicked citizens and travelers. Vorhi seems to take the situation in stride but he sweats profusely. A man with a plumed guard helm stands near Jalom. "Sir I don't think they've left the street yet, should we go outside and check or wait?"

"A mob of people isn't exactly quiet. If you think a mob of people is still out there, you shouldn't go out. Our priority is to keep these people protected until we can move to a better position." Jalom responds to the guard. "We do need to calm the people in here, though." He says, turning toward the crowded inn to address them. "You all are well protected here. The riot will pass, and you will be able to safely return to your lives." He says, gesturing about to all of the guards and Children. [Jalom]

Sheawyn sat near the back of the room nursing a small glass of wine. Her cloak was pulled close around her but her scarf was down around her neck and her hood was at her shoulders. She sipped the wine as she listened to the man's words. She watched the common room with a disinterested look as her other hand's fingers drummed slightly on the table. [Sheawyn]

Rienne finds herself unable to stay in one spot for long. Being squished like a stomach in a tightly-laced corset has severe consequences for a pregnant woman. Sweating profusely, to her absolutely dismay, the very tall Domani does her best to seek a seat that is out of the way. Preferably one without people pressing against it or moving all around. The Child's words have her sighing heavily as she continues to fan herself with a plate from the kitchen. Her other hand holds a handkerchief that has already been soaked through from dabbing at her face.

Finding a seat without a crowd nearby is impossible. Despite the desperate situation people make room for Rienne when she finds a seat against the wall some asking when the babe will be born and how she is doing if she needs anything to drink. Meanwhile outside the sound of people can be heard and a thunk noise begins to repeat itself time and time again. If one were to look the main door of the Inn begin to vibrate with each thunk as do the windows as if people are attempting to tear down the barricade and break in.

Glancing back toward the sounds of the thunk, Jalom sees the door vibrating. "Reinforce the barricade!" He yells, turning toward his men. "Each of you, go to a window and help keep it safe." He says, except to one who he points at. "You, go upstairs and get a report on how many rioters remain out there." He says, moving to the door to help reinforce it. [Jalom]

Sheawyn noticed Rienne and her right eyebrow arched for a moment she opened her mouth to say something to the domani when the door began to vibrate. Sheawyn frowned slightly and took another sip from her glass of wine before setting it down. Leaving the wine there she stood and collected her staff from against the table and moved through the crowd to where Rienne was sitting. Coming to a stop just to the side of Rienne she touched Rienne's shoulder lightly to gain her attention. "You should not be here. Especially without your husband." Her voice was cool and her face was without expression as she switched her attention from the door back to Rienne repeatedly. [Sheawyn]

Once a seat is found, Rienne settles in and nods to the offers for a drink. "Quite a bit longer," is her vague reply to queries of when the baby is due. She tenses when the pounding upon the doors and windows increases, jaw twitching. The touch to her shoulder makes her jump, relief not coming once she looks up to see whom it is that has addressed her. Her eyes narrow for a long moment before recognition fills her features. Still without relief. "He is away on business and I could not bear to remain alone. I did not expect this." She motions toward the cacophony outside. [Rienne]

The men move to action quickly moving to the windows and preparing crossbows. The people who had been sitting by the windows and door move across to the other side of the room while the guardsmen and whitecloaks take their place. The pounding stops for a moment and a few shouts are heard in the lull "TORCH IT!" the shout cries followed by the sound of breaking glass and the unmistakable sound of fire igniting with the whooshing noise it does when a large one starts. The officer of the guard looks to Jalom, "we need to go out there and put them down now!" the man who had been sent to check on the crowd comes down, "sir there's over hundred of them out there"

"Put out that fire!" Jalom barks at one of his men. "We can't handle a mob of one hundred at once. I don't want to have to kill them, but it seems we have no choice in the matter." He says, taking a breath and turning toward his men. "Open fire." He orders. "Station a couple men at the door. If they break through take them out as they try to rush in. We can't afford to be nice to them anymore." He says to the officer. "Get me a report on what's happening in the stable." He points at the Child that checked upstairs. [Jalom]

Sheawyn chewed on the inside of her lip for a moment as she considered the actions taken. "Well he would never forgive me if I allowed you to get hurt while he was away. Although if he was here you would probably be in a worse situation." She commented with a lopsided grin at Rienne. "Do try and stick close to me if things get worse." Sheawyn commented with a resigned shrug at Rienne. [Sheawyn]

Rienne nods slowly, her expression having grown quite wary. As someone brings her the requested juice, she takes a long sip before setting the glass down. "I believe, Mistress, it is time... to leave." Hazel eyes scan the area for an exit, only able to note the way toward the stables. "Do you believe they have surrounded the inn entirely, or only the front and sides?".

The children of the light take positions while the man who had checked the upstairs moves toward the stables to check them. The heat in the room grows hotter after a few minutes and the door collapses with a final thud from outside. Instead of rushing in they continue to slam the door. Men fire bolts out and catch two of them but the door continues to buckle.

"Guard the door!" Jalom says, directing a couple more men to it. "Do not let a single one of them through! Use the door to lessen the number you must deal with!" Jalom orders, loosening his sword in its hilt. He glances toward the direction of the stable. "Why haven't I gotten that report yet?" He asks no one in particular, looking toward the stable door and readying his sword. [Jalom]

Sheawyn rolled her head slightly causing her neck to pop. Taking a loose grip on her staff she glanced at Jalom for a moment. "If there are truly a hundred outside then yes they most likely have." She replied to Rienne. "What do you wish to do? I am not so sure they will appreciate our help in dealing with the situation." She said leaning on her staff for a moment. [Sheawyn]

Rienne looks down at her bloated midsection and wryly asks, "What help do you believe I could provide, Mistress?" She frowns heavily, then pushes herself up to a standing position and begins slowly moving toward Jalom. "Commander," she calls out. "Might you be able to defend our flank if we were to escape through the back? Many here have horses, but even those on foot most assuredly stand a better chance of living if they leave than stay in a burning inn.".

With the door open it is obvious that the people upstairs are constantly shooting bolts down every minute or so. However it stops after several shots several children coming down only moments before the soldier sent to check the stable returns. "They're pressing us on the stable sir," the man says in a panicked voice. The captain of the guard looks at Rienne and then to Jalom, "we may be able to protect them while they run sir." The men who had been firing are now downstairs looking at Jalom, "sir the fire is spreading upstairs we can't put it out they're using oil."

"Oil? A retreat may be best then. Those with horses, share with any without!" Jalom turns toward Rienne. "Lady, would you be willing to shelter everyone in your home? You appear well off. Your residence would have the defenses necessary to hold off such a mob, would it not?" [Jalom]

The Domani woman inhales deeply, looking from the Whitecloaks to the nobility of various Houses trapped within in the inn. Cautiously, Rienne nods. "I would, indeed. It is ample, although there will still be crowding. There is much land, though, for your men to set up temporary camp. Additionally, my husband is a mercenary and has trained our guards well." With a smirk that is a bit too familiar to be formal, she adds, "I hope your men can cook." Finally, she seems to truly notice the wait staff in the common room and calls out to the owner. "Goodman Vorhi, would you and your employees also like to take shelter in my manor? They would be put to work, of course, but they would have relative safety." [Rienne]

"Then it is settled. Thank you, Lady. If you would direct the way to your home, we will begin evacuating immediately." Jalom says, turning to address the room. "Everyone find a horse! Again, share with any who lack! We will cover your retreat!" Jalom says, heading toward the stable. "Keep that door guarded until I give the word." [Jalom]

Master Vorhi nods and him and his staff are ready to go. "I would be happy to stay their mistress until the city is safe." his eyes turn toward Jalom who he pats on the shoulder. "Thank you child of the light, I have misjudged you for years, yet now I see your good works." The room of citizens and guards prepare for the mad dash out into the street through the stables. While all this is happening the door is being held by six men guards and whitecloaks alike keeping the mob back with swords and shields. They turn their heads and one of them shouts. "Sir we can hold them leave and we will follow." a senior guardsmen shouts to the group organizing by the stable door.

Sheawyn moved to stay next to Rienne as she took a firmer hold on her staff. She motioned for Jalom to lead the way while she moved with practice ease next to Rienne. "I will guard the lady commander." Sheawyn commented bowing her head slightly as she waited for him to lead the way through the door. [Sheawyn]

Looking toward the group guarding the door, Jalom gives a nod and a salute to them, before turning back to the stable door. "Let us go, then. I trust you will keep her safe." He says to the woman with the staff. He enters the stable and looks around to get a feel for the situation in the room. "How many of them block this door?" [Jalom]

Rienne looks to Sheawyn and nods once, her eyes filled with questions. For later. Turning, she starts making her way toward the back door. "It is outside the city. Well outside, in my estimation." She frowns a touch at those words. "It is surrounded mostly by forest, with some land cleared around the manor proper. We can take the main road to a point, but will then have to slow down to go two by two.".

The soldier looks at Jalom, "it looked like only twenty rioters were blocking this exit from the building sir. We should be able to push out and hold a line while the innocent flee." the Children of the light and the city guard heft their shields and prepare to go through the breach on Jalom's word. Meanwhile the citizens get ready to run as many as can be safely put on horses are, only a third are mounted however.

Glancing around, Jalom notes that there aren't enough horses for everyone. "Those who cannot find mounts, stay with me. We'll form a perimeter around you and lead you to safety. The Halfway House may be a more reasonable location for those without mounts." He says, looking over everyone. "Let us move. Get us an opening." He orders to the guards and Children. [Jalom]

Sheawyn frowned as she looked around for a moment. "Where is your carriage?" She asked Rienne in a tight voice. Snarling silently she moved towards Jalom. "Commander the lady needs a horse. She cannot stay up with us in her condition." Sheawyn commented in a tight voice keeping her eyes on Rienne. [Sheawyn]

Rienne frowns and motions vaguely southward. "Not too far that way... but not precisely in the inn's stables, either. I could risk my life attempting to reach it or risk my child's life attempting to mount a horse." Her frown deepens significantly. Making up her mind, she looks to Sheawyn. "Mistress, it is on our way, in any case. Might I ride with you for the short time until we reach the carriage, presuming it has not been burned as well?".

After a few minutes Rienne is helped onto a horse and everyone is ready. Jalom nods and the door is bashed open. From the outside it looks as if the door almost flies off its hinges and a stream of thirty armed guards and whitecloaks come out with shields raised moved quickly towards the mob using the shields to herd them from the door. A few people attempt to grab at them but are beaten down with the flats of blades or bashed away with shields. Meanwhile the horses fly out of the stable door along with running refugees.

Standing in the middle of the street in front of the inn, Marellein does not make an imposing figure. The slender Cairhienin woman has a staff in one hand, one much taller than herself. Her hand reaches like a claw to the sky, and her other brings the staff-- SLAM! -- down to the ground. The sound reverberates with a crash like ground-level thunder. "ENOUGH. IS ENOUGH!" Her voice booms around the street, projected far beyond its regular range. Like the staff, it carries harmonics that try to reach inside and grab at bone-level. The sky overhead becomes cloudy, obscuring the sky as a wicked wind picks up. The scent of rain carries on the air. The rampaging rioters are going to find themselves at the brunt of both wind and icy rain; and a barrier that seems to have no visible boundary but acts like a fence. Wind whips at the woman herself, tearing at her hair and clothing. "CEASE NOW OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! Thunder pounds in the distance." [Marellein]

Hearing the sudden loud voice, Jalom looks around momentarily in bewilderment. Unable to find the origin, he refocuses his mind on the task of getting everyone away safely. "Go, quickly. Find your carriage and get it moving if it still can." He says to Rienne. "A few guards will accompany you on horseback. Everyone else that is on foot, come with me. We will head to the Halfway House." He says, leading the way, walking quickly, almost jogging. [Jalom]

Mounted precariously, having to ride side saddle due to the size of her stomach even if she were not trained to do so, Rienne nods to Jalom and starts down the side street toward her carriage. She can see it easily, not far off, yet checks to ensure Sheawyn is by her side. When she looks back up, the tall Domani notices one small Cairhienin standing up to the rest, eyeing her carefully, then cringes at the booming sound. It seems she is looking at something just above Marellein, but says nothing. [Rienne]

Sheawyn stayed next to Rienne although she moved to the side slightly to give herself enough room if she needed to react. Sheawyn flinched and snarled as the booming voice hit her ears and she looked around for a moment in confusion. Shaking it off she glanced at Jalom and his guards with the mob and shook her head. "Let's hurry Rienne. I do believe he might need the men he is lending us." She commented with a wink. [Sheawyn]

The crowd looks at the woman in awe as her voice booms over the area. Meanwhile the guards manage to push the distracted mob back while the people make a retreat and fall back to cover their rear. Eventually they make it down the street and turn east onto a smaller street and safety by all measure. Meanwhile Marellein is confronted with a hundred scared and confused people and a brewing storm that begins to drop hail and rain on the crowd at a slow but quickly increasing rate.

"It appears we're somewhat in the clear! Everyone keep up a brisk pace. We'll make it to shelter soon." Jalom yells, glancing about to make sure no one was left behind. "Let us move quickly. It isn't far." He says, watching to and fro to make sure no members of the mob leak into the road. [Jalom]

Rienne stops her little entourage once she reaches the carriage. Doing her best to calm the poor driver, she motions for Sheawyn to head inside as the Children help her off the mount and into the carriage. "Nordam, we must move to the front to guide the other mounts as quickly as possible." The middle-aged Andoran need not be told twice, whipping the horses to race along the road back toward the manor. It will be a long ride.